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Welcome to our exclusive Zambia group and private tours, where nature unfolds in a breathtaking canvas. Positioned amidst Victoria Falls, Zambezi River, and Muchinga Mountains, Zambia boasts unparalleled natural beauty and a rarity of water abundance in the region. Explore its diverse landscapes and ethnic richness across nine provinces, embracing high plateaus, hills, and rivers. Zambia invites you to witness the wonders of Victoria Falls and Zambezi River, stepping into a timeless piece of Africa with unique wildlife and landscapes. Our overland expeditions will kindle your adventurous spirit, offering awe-inspiring scenery and warm hospitality. Discover vibrant markets in Lusaka, delve into Zambia's National Parks, and encounter diverse fauna, flora, and bird species for nature enthusiasts. Embrace eco-friendly, responsible travel with Zambia—a complete package for curious, active, and nature-loving travelers. Our safari and group tours unlock the best of Africa's adventure, extending beyond typical itineraries. Join us on an overland journey to Zambia with small, active groups, and fall in love with this exceptional African destination. Explore more with our adventure tours and safaris, tailored for small groups or private parties, covering Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, and beyond. Rest assured, our Zambia group tours promise the best value and customized expeditions.

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Compelling Reasons to Explore Zambia

Explore Zambia, a naturally endowed destination and one of Africa's most captivating and sophisticated places. Today, Zambia stands as the premier destination for active travelers, offering an immersive experience amidst nature and wildlife habitats millions of years old. Our wildlife-viewing Safaris welcome adventurers and nature enthusiasts from all walks of life. Whether you seek a savvy expedition, independent discovery, or a customized adventure, Sarah Discoveries presents Zambia's wonders through handpicked itineraries and nature-friendly, green tours adhering to responsible travel norms.

Undoubtedly, Zambia's stunning landscapes leave a lasting impression, featuring high plateaus, stark mountains, lush farmland, and savannas with roaming elephant herds and distant lion roars. The surreal sundowners create a beautiful setting beyond imagination—a dream come true for those captivated by overseas trips or safaris to Zambia. The magic extends to its people, a uniquely diverse culture with 11 official languages and boundless resilience, laughter, and celebration of individuality. Encounter the Joie de vivre while experiencing Zambia Safari, surrounded by diverse wildlife and flocks of birds.

Our adventure tours also extend to Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, and South Africa, offering small overland group tours and private expeditions. Zambia, a vibrant young country rich in natural resources, boasts iconic attractions like Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River, numerous national parks, and a vibrant culture. It hosts various wildlife, including the emblematic Big 5, and offers the world's largest game reserves. Embark on an overland expedition with a Safari encounter, an unparalleled experience beyond wildest travel dreams.

Zambia invites adventurous world travelers to cruise the Zambezi River, hike the Muchinga Mountains, or witness the southern exposure of Victoria Falls. Our tour packages and unique expeditions unveil Zambia's wealth of historical, natural, and wildlife wonders. Browse our group expeditions or inquire about private customized tours for an unforgettable journey. Our active tours to Zambia promise encounters, challenges, and adventures amidst the destination of a thousand rivers. Join us for wildlife activities, safaris, or enjoy lakes, valleys, and natural parks from luxury lodges in Lusaka. With a superb mild climate year-round, the best price is guaranteed for 2024 and 2025. Note that all overland tours to Zambia can be tailored to a private Safari. Sarah Tours ensures you experience the heart of Africa with encounters happening seamlessly on all our Africa overland tours.