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Are group tours cheaper? Group tours are usually cheaper than private. However, it would be best to consider that group tours save you much time in research, organization, and booking your trip and activities. South African overland group tours portray in their pallet a canvas of natural beauty in contrast with sophisticated comfort and luxury, a kaleidoscope of colors and shadows, a melting pot of cultures, and hospitality for group luxury travel destination. South Africa welcomes you to enjoy its Natural landscapes and sophisticated beach resorts or explore an overland adventure to wildlife viewing in its natural parks supplied with state-of-the-art luxury lodges in Safari reserves. Visiting South Africa’s vibrant cities and sophisticated vineyards are complete leisure for group budget tours or private luxury trips. South African overland adventure tours and wildlife viewing are most rewarding for the active explorer traveling with small groups or private tours with budget or luxury. South Africa Group overland tours offer a spectrum of active itineraries beyond the scope of other tour operators offering wildlife viewing and Safari in Africa’s diverse destinations. Sarah Tours, Inc. provides budget expeditions and luxury overland group tours fully escorted and guided on all our South Africa group tours. Join us on a South Africa Safari with small groups or private expeditions customized for you. Check on our other overland active group tours to Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, Senegal, Morocco, and much more in 2023 and 2024.

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South Africa Overland Tours

Reasons why you should visit South Africa

The endowed destination by nature offers Safari and adventure group tours in South Africa. It is one of Africa's most beautiful and sophisticated destinations today for responsible and naturalist travelers to explore the beauty of nature and wildlife viewing habitat millions of years old. Taking a group overland expedition or luxury tours to South Africa is no longer a Dr. Livingston, I presume adventure; it is just as responsible with all the guidelines for nature preservation in harmony as it is a dutiful coexistence approach to natural life and eco-system of fauna and flora that makes Africa the Exotic Continent by excellence for active travel and adventure overland expeditions.

Traveling to South Africa on pre-packaged tours, group overland expeditions, or customized private luxury tours is indeed made for all kinds of travelers from all webs of life. Our South Africa tours have natural assets fit for the savvy traveler, the adventurous, nature enthusiasts, green travel responsible, and backpacker overland explorers. We have it all figured out for you in our sustainable tours and Safari to South Africa with the best criteria for ecotourism reservations.

Invariably, South Africa adventure tours mesmerize visitors from around the world, featuring diverse natural beauty in South Africa's stark mountains running vertically from south to north, laced by lush farmland and vast savannas where elephant herds meander in an abundant pasture and lions roar far in the distance in a surreal sunset from another planet. The ideal South Africa tour with a beautiful natural setting beyond imaginable could be the reality of a dream voyage that has captured your thoughts for so long to possibly capture the Magic of Africa. Your dream budget overland tour or luxury Safari to South Africa is about to happen. We can speak of this magic land without mentioning the South Africans, a culture that is unique on its own that offers a celebration of individuality, diverse in every sense with 11 official languages and many ethnic groups but all unified around a boundless resilience and laughter that rubs on you as soon as you put a foot in Africa. Africans are generally crazy about life and beauty, laughter, and joy, and you know what? It is entirely contagious. Such irrepressible enthusiasm and enjoyment of life are what you encounter while experiencing a South Africa Safari and overland expeditions that we have skilfully prepared for your best-priced budget or luxury. Just as much as you will discover the lion pride and rhino’s goofiness, the zebra beauty, and the Cheetah elegance on any of our Africa Safari and overland adventure tours. From Morocco to South Africa, from Tangier to Cape Town, you can join our overland tours and expeditions to Africa scheduled departures for small groups. We also offer sustainable adventure tours to Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Botswana, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mauritania, and much more.

South Africa is respectfully a habitat for various wildlife species, including the emblem of Africa, the Big 5 (Lions, Rhino, Buffalo, Elephants, and Cheetahs), and hands down one of the best Safari destinations in Africa. When you reach on your overland expedition or luxury private tour, the Kruger National Park in the Northeast of South Africa, you will find out for yourself that you have put your foot in the most extensive wildlife game reserves in the world and most famous Big five destinations in the continent of Africa. Taking a group adventure trip to South Africa and a luxury Safari is unlike anything you have ever imagined for your travel discoveries, especially to Africa.

If you are a world-class explorer, take advantage of our South Africa small group active trips and expeditions. South Africa is just as rich in its history, natural sites, and wildlife viewing, with countless travel activities. Enjoy these South African encounters in this land of Million years old fossils, the brave Zulu Warrior’s heritage and history, to San Bushman arts and music without dismissing the wisdom and greatness of the man of the century, the father of the nation, the one and only activist Nelson Mandela. Come and pay homage to this great man who marked our lives not only in South Africa but all over the globe. Join our South Africa tours or group overland expeditions.

Our active overland tours and expeditions to South Africa are replete with goodies worth checking out. Join our historic, green, and eco-responsible budget trips, wildlife activities, and Safari to South Africa, or take a leisurely luxury trip enjoying beaches and resorts as South Africa holds a superb mild climate around the year. Enjoy our group tour packages or inquire about a tailored private trip to South Africa made just for you. The Best South Africa travel discoveries at the best price are guaranteed for small group expeditions or private customized luxury tours. Sarah Tours will take you where it is all happening instead of making encounters happen for you on all of our African culture and adventure overland tours.

Traveling to South Africa with Sarah Tours, Inc. is like reading a chapter from Richard Burton’s Diary, with an adventure on every page