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Is Mauritania a travel destination? Yes, now it is. Mauritania portrays in its pallet a canvas of the natural beauty of a Sub-Saharan West African destination in contrast with a superb geographical setting between Morocco and Senegal. Mauritania is a spectrum of diverse landscapes unique to the Sahara Desert, with endless natural beaches plunging into the Atlantic Ocean. Suppose 90% of Mauritania’s land is absolute wilderness Sahara landscapes. In that case, it is heaven for desert explorers and overland adventurers. It is rare compared to any other Sub-Saharan country in Africa, the Sahel Region known for its rugged sub-Saharan terrain. Here is a very challenging destination for the active traveler and overland explorers. We have handpicked the best Mauritania adventure overland tours and expeditions for small groups and private experiences priced within all budgets to attract more active travelers to discover the magic of Mauritania. Adventure Tours to Mauritania, including our sustainable goodwill tours, are all small group tours. As of 2019, Mauritania consists of a population of approximately 4.4 million. The local population is composed of three main ethnicities: Bidhan or simply the Moors representing the bulk of the people speaking predominantly Hassani, which is Arabic and Berber with roots from the northern border. The Haratins are a minority that migrated through the ages from West Africa and speak different dialects, such as Halpulaar, Soninke, Bambara, and Wolof. Sarah Tours is the leader of cultural and adventure tours to Africa designed to sustain communities in remote areas who need help and survival.

We have been designing overland adventure tours to Africa for decades, helping sustain local communities to develop without losing their natural and traditional ways of living in their environment, keeping traditions inherited from their ancestors authentically alive. We have consistently supplied sustainable expeditions and goodwill tours to Africa since 1994. Today, due to the natural, social, and economic needs to help each other around the globe as humanity is in significant demand to go back to its natural duties and values to co-exist responsibly, to share and to help people in need, we have created for the first time, Cultural, AGRICULTURE and GOODWILL TOURS to Africa, to allow travelers to travel to Africa with a purpose. Initially, to travel, share, help, sustain, and preserve ancestral cultures and their environment intact. We all have something to offer to each other anywhere on the globe. We all have an obligation to share not only material but knowledge, substance, and values; a kind word; and advice could make an essential change in someone’s life; a pencil can help a child to write, draw, and develop their skills, a T-shirt can make you a relative to someone who will never forget you as uncle John or Aunt Sue. A tree of goodwill and friendship you may plant today somewhere will sustain human and natural life in its environment for years to come. In fact, by being there on any of our Mauritania overland tours, you have significantly contributed to sustaining life in Africa, the most vital and rewarding continent to all creatures. So, check our sustainable programs of treks and expeditions to Africa in a human and environmentally-oriented way. We have reserved for you, of course, to travel with a purpose, to become a world citizen, a world traveler who makes a difference in others’ lives, and to contribute to people and nature in Mauritania and elsewhere in Africa. Welcome to our New World Order of sustainable and goodwill travel to Africa, your world to share and sustain. Join our Mauritania group tours or call us to personalize a special private tour for you, your friends, and your family. Support our travel for food Mauritania sustainable agriculture programs. Please note that all our tours can also depart from Morocco to Mauritania if you want to combine a Morocco and Mauritania tour. Sarah Tours will take you where it is all happening instead of making encounters happen for you on all our African culture and adventure overland tours. Welcome to Sarah Tours’ active, ecological, and environmental treks and expeditions.

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Reasons why you should visit Mauritania

Mauritania is a gifted destination by nature. It is hands down one of the most beautiful and remote places in Sub-Saharan Africa. Today, Mauritania is, by excellence, the goal for active travelers to explore the beauty of nature and Sahara Desert life millions of years old. Taking a trans-Sahara expedition and trek in Africa is no longer an exotic Paris Dakar adventure. It is just as environmentally responsible as an exploratory approach to natural life and the ecosystem of fauna and flora that makes Africa the cradle of humanity and wildlife exuberant continent by virtue.

Exploring an overland tour or a goodwill expedition to Mauritania is like taking a Sahara Desert romantic discovery trek. Traveling across Mauritania is stepping on a piece of sub-Saharan Africa that does not belong to the reality of the largest desert on Earth, namely the Sahara. The particulars about Mauritania travel are its diverse arid desert landscapes where water is scarce: an Ocean of golden dunes, petrified forests that belong to another planet, breathtaking rock formations, lush oases, and most rugged promontory cliffs that drop abruptly into the Atlantic Ocean. All these Sahara landscapes and dramatic sceneries with complete isolation surge before your eyes on every horizon on any of our Mauritania treks. Our overland tours and expeditions to Mauritania will ignite the adventure soul you always had to enjoy the most untraveled camel caravan trade paths in the Sahara Desert. There are diverse landscapes to take your breath away, desert life at its best garment, and hospitable people, Bedouins and nomads with the best world smiles and biggest hearts. Nouadhibou's colorful markets are enticing and offer vibrant cultural encounters. Discover Mauritania's capital of Nouakchott for an authentic sophistication of Sub-Saharan architecture, culture, and ways of life.

Mauritania is a destination to satisfy the curious, active, and savvy traveler with all sorts of physical and cultural activities and eco-friendly nature in a responsible way of travel. Mauritania is a complete package for adventurous and active travelers or nature-loving enthusiasts. Our sustainable and goodwill Mauritania expeditions and tours offer a spectrum of itineraries beyond the scope of other destinations. So come and join us in one of our trans-Sahara overland excursions to Mauritania with a small group of explorers like you or call on us to custom-design a private expedition just for you. You will fall in love with Mauritania as it is one of the best West African adventure overland expeditions travel activities destinations. We also offer adventure tours and active expeditions for small groups or private parties to Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Benin and Ghana, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, and much more. The best cost is guaranteed for our Mauritania group tours and customized expeditions. Mauritania’s sustainable Travel to Feed Programs are our goals for 2024 and 2025.

Mauritania is, respectfully, a vibrant young country wealthy in its natural resources. Apart from its iconic Nouakchott, the government has a lot of natural sights unique to the Sahara Desert compared to other West African nations. Other Mauritania attractions include the famed Nouadhibou fishing ports, numerous nomadic encampments, Sub-Saharan markets, unique species of wildlife and birds, as well as the vibrant culture of the country. When you reach Mauritania’s vast open desert, you will feel what the West African wilderness is all about. You will discover that you have put your foot in the world’s largest ocean of golden dunes of the Sahara reserves. Mauritania is most famous for its rock formation out of this world. Taking an overland expedition to Mauritania with a cultural encounter is unlike anything you have ever imagined in your wildest travel dreams. Support our Mauritania sustainable agriculture and goodwill programs.

Here is a challenge Mauritania offers for adventuresome world travelers, an overland trip from Nouadhibou to Akjoujt, hiking the Adrar Mountains, or backpacking the southern exposure of Trarza forests. If you love to explore overland adventure travel, take advantage of our tour packages and one-of-a-kind expeditions to Mauritania. As a reminder, a Mauritania cultural or adventure tour is a wealth of discoveries, historically, naturally, and unsurpassed reserves of Sahara landscapes. Please browse our Mauritania group expeditions or inquire about our private customized tour activities.

Are group tours cheaper? Group tours are usually cheaper than private. However, it would be best if you also considered that group tours save you much time researching, organizing, and booking your trip and activities. Our active group tours to Mauritania are replete with encounters and adventure challenges. We are happy to host you on one of our expeditions around Mauritania, a destination of a thousand oases. Join our adventure trips, desert activities, and Sahara expeditions, or take a leisure trip enjoying Nouakchott beaches and resorts on the Atlantic shore, with excursions to Kifa, Rosso, and Ain el Atrous East. Mauritania has a superb dry climate throughout the year. So, bring your sunglasses, lotion, and good walking shoes; you are on an adventure to treasure for a lifetime. On all our Mauritania Tours, the best price is guaranteed. Please note that all our overland tours to Mauritania can be customized to a private expedition. Please help us with our Travel to Feed programs.