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Music, drumming and colorful African markets, food and festivities, day trips and nightlife, African American Heritage history – the best of Ghana discoveries with locals is what our culture and adventure group tours to Ghana are all about. There’s a burgeoning arts scene in Accra, the capital of Ghana, on the Atlantic coast in West Africa. Head to Jamestown, the oldest district, and walk through the old port and along the beaches scattered with graffiti, studios, and boxing gyms. Our heritage Tours to Ghana cover it all, cultural, heritage, and adventure encounters. So, join in the spirit of exploring on our overland adventure and cultural tours to Ghana, one of Africa’s most exciting destinations. Welcome to Ghana; welcome to unique adventure tours and Safari scheduled for 2023 and 2024 designed to satisfy travelers from around the globe, primarily African American, for a deep-rooted heritage; Ghana tours are so educational and rewarding. We have prepared handpicked group and private tours to Ghana to satisfy your cultural and adventure discoveries.

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Reasons why you should visit Ghana

Ghana is a destination of joy and excitement from the Atlantic savanna to the tropical forest up north for travelers seeking cultural and adventure discoveries. If you love nature and warm people, then Ghana has much to offer. If you love culture, history, and good food, you can chuck on your glad rags and enjoy the best African dishes in the city at the swanky Santoku. Or enjoy the local fare of light soups and giant snails at Bush Canteen in East Legon.

Outside Accra, you can have many cultural choices, though Ghana is a beach country, so once you are done exploring historical sites, you can always head to the Atlantic coast for leisure time. Down in the GHana Western Region, Busua Beach is most recommended: whether you’re diving, on jet skis, or lying on the golden sand, you may think you are in Seychelles. A flight from Accra only takes 45 minutes. Still, our overland tours will take you on a picturesque ride enjoying a six-hour drive, exploring countless luscious coconut groves and monkey habitats. There will be Stops along the way for hiking and natural landscapes treks that will catch your eye; mingle with a roadside kenkey (similar to a sourdough dumpling)-seller. Ghana is a country where no two trips are the same.

Ghana is the heartbeat place for all black diaspora from around the world. The roots of the historic exodus to the new world and a pilgrimage landmark for African American Heritage tours especially. It is always the place to retrace African history and rituals and contemplate an ancestral journey from West Africa. It’s a celebration of all African cultures and heritage, but there are history and cultural encounters to soak up, too. A trip to Elmina Castle is a must. A few hour’s drive from Accra, it was the last port of call for enslaved people being forced to leave the continent bound towards the New World.

You don’t have to be African to feel at home here; that’s our duty to promote Ghana cultural tours with substance to travelers from around the world. We should not forget history as it is the only reference to know who we are and our identity. Our active overland tours are all study tours of antiquity, ancient history anthropology, nature, and humanities in West Africa Overland treks. To join in a group set departure or inquire from us to custom design a memorable trip just for your liking. Customized tours to Ghana will be the most rewarding experience to treasure for a lifetime in the Jewel of Africa, a destination called Ghana. People from the ancient Ghana empire are fun-loving, hospitable, and generous Ashanti and Brong Ahafo; respectfully, they are all waiting for you to visit them. Join one of our small group tours to Ghana, either an overland expedition or a customized trip for yourself only. We guarantee the best prices for all budgets and frequent departures to Ghana. Please note that all our heritage overland tours to Ghana can be customized to private Safaris or Expeditions. Sarah Tours will take you where it is all happening instead of making it happen for you on all of our African culture and adventure tours. Ghana cultural encounters are now at the tips of your fingers. Book one of our tours to Ghana. Is Ghana a travel destination? Yes, by excellence. You will be enchanted.