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Welcome to our cultural and overland tours of Egypt. Egypt is an ancient cradle of civilizations and the land of fun-loving people. The land of the Mysterious Nile, the land of biblical cultures, sumptuous monuments, ancient history, vast arid desert, and lush delta. The land of the Pharaohs, of Isis and Osiris, of Josef’s handsomeness and Moses’ Wisdom, “The mother of Earth,” as Egyptians call it, “Oum Dounia.” Only in Egypt can you travel on any of our cultural or adventure tours feeling like you are on an eco-challenge expedition to explore overland the harsh desert and its heavenly oases, navigate on a cruise upstream the Eternal Nile, or visit the pyramids to check your IQ for ancient history and civilizations with their advanced knowledge that is beyond the conceivable. Sample from one of our small group cultural and adventure tours to Egypt hand-picked for you to learn more about Egyptian culture, history, and wisdom. We also offer spiritual journeys to learn about the Abrahamic religions and biblical traditions, including Sufi tours to Egypt. Join one of our cultural, spiritual, or active overland tours to Egypt scheduled departures. If you prefer independent travel to Egypt, you can rely on us to customize a private Egypt Tour. Call for special deals on our Egypt budget tours.

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Egypt Group Tours

Reasons why you should visit Egypt

Is Egypt a safe destination? Absolutely. Egypt is a naturally endowed destination, standing out as one of the most captivating and sophisticated places in Africa, drawing visitors from across the globe. Today, Egypt is the ultimate destination for cultured and active travelers seeking to explore the country's natural beauty and its millennia-old history. Engaging in a cultural tour in Africa is no longer just an exotic discovery or a journey reminiscent of Richard Burton's adventures; it is a responsible cultural exploration that respects the natural life and ecosystems of fauna and flora, making Africa the cradle of humanity and a continent rich in wildlife exuberance. Sarah Discoveries offers cultural tours and expeditions to Egypt with a commitment to environmental integrity, ecology, and, most importantly, sustainable programs aimed at enhancing the livelihoods of Egyptians at various levels.

Egypt unfolds as a vibrant kaleidoscope of landscapes and colors, offering diverse travel experiences. From sophisticated Mediterranean resorts to secluded candlelit cabins by natural beaches, the country beckons exploration. Along the Red Sea coast, rugged desert beauty meets psychedelic vibrancy beneath the waterline, making it ideal for short or multiday adventure expeditions and snorkeling along coral walls. The vast white deserts provide another captivating challenge, with sunrise views in the White Desert and relaxing hot springs in Siwa Oasis. Egypt, rich in human and natural resources, extends beyond its iconic Pyramids to include Nile cruises, national parks, hiking, trekking, and the captivating local culture. Exploring Egypt’s diverse landscapes unveils a profound dimension of Africa’s history, culture, and exotic allure. An overland expedition with a Nile cruise offers an unparalleled journey with unique cultural encounters and operational challenges, creating an experience unlike any other in your travel dreams.

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Sarah Tours, uncovering the layers of ancient history and natural beauty in Egypt. Explore cultural gems like Cairo, Alexandria, Fayum, Luxor, and Asyut on our group tours, expeditions, or spiritual journeys. Traverse the lush Nile banks, where Egypt's vibrant tree of life connects Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East—a crossroad of biblical cultures. Catering to curious, active travelers, our eco-friendly expeditions offer responsible green travel incentives. Egypt provides a comprehensive adventure for nature enthusiasts, featuring unique itineraries unparalleled in any other destination. Join our small group overland tours, Nile cruises, or expeditions for an unforgettable experience. Discover Egypt's spiritual essence in the cradle of civilizations. Egypt stands as one of the finest African adventure and safari destinations. Additionally, we offer overland cultural tours and discovery expeditions to Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, and more. Enjoy guaranteed best costs for Egypt group tours and customized expeditions—board our overland cruiser and become a traveler whose provision is imagination.

Embark on our Egypt cultural and adventure tours, brimming with rewarding encounters and exciting operational challenges. Explore Egypt's mysteries on one of our overland expeditions, a destination boasting a thousand pyramids. Join our adventure trips, delving into the arid desert and vibrant life along the Nile. Alternatively, opt for a leisurely escape, basking in the beauty of Mediterranean and Red Sea shores, or cruise on a felucca past the unique landmarks of ancient Egypt. Egypt welcomes visitors year-round with its superb mild climate. Enjoy the best prices for group tours, and note that all our overland tours to Egypt can be tailored to private trips. Sarah Tours ensures you experience the heart of every moment on our scheduled African culture and adventure overland tours for small groups.