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Botswana emerges as a masterpiece in nature's palette, a canvas blending natural beauty with sophisticated overland tours and safari experiences. This flat, landlocked country, adorned with a rich array of colors, shadows, cultures, and hospitality, stands as Africa's oldest continuous democracy. Immerse yourself in our Botswana safari adventure tours, spanning the Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park, and Central Kalahari, offering diverse and thrilling possibilities. Our responsible ecological safari package holidays range from guided camping eco-tourism to classic sustainable Touristique Projects. Experience eco-lodge safaris and luxurious customized private tours, exploring Botswana's natural parks with state-of-the-art accommodations. Uncover the wonders of vibrant cities and sophisticated vineyards on this ecological environmental tour. Our handpicked Botswana tour packages promise unsurpassed adventure travel activities. With group tours providing unique itineraries and sustainable eco-adventure options, Sarah Tours leads in authentic experiences within natural settings. We specialize in customized private family tours, extending to Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and more. Embark on an unforgettable journey with us.

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Reasons why you should visit Botswana

Botswana, a nature-endowed destination, stands out as one of Africa's most beautiful and sophisticated attractions for small group tours. Explore the unique wildlife and natural habitat of the Kalahari Desert with eco-friendly responsible practices. Embark on an eco safari that goes beyond wildlife sightseeing—it's a responsible and green approach to the exotic fauna and flora that defines Africa as the continent of excellence.

Embark on transformative Botswana tours and safaris, crafted for purpose-driven travelers, nature enthusiasts, and global explorers. Discover the richness of Botswana's natural assets, tailored for savvy travelers, adventurers, naturalists, wildlife lovers, families, and active honeymooners in our sustainable overland adventure tours and expeditions.

Embark on an extraordinary journey to Botswana, where the captivating Kalahari Desert, eco-friendly national parks, and vibrant farmlands create a breathtaking canvas. Our Botswana tours and safaris bring you closer to the wonders of African wildlife and the unique Bushman culture. Experience the boundless resilience and joy of life on our overland expeditions, and explore neighboring destinations like Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania in our overland adventure tours. Discover the magic of Africa with us!

Explore Botswana, a haven for diverse wildlife, home to the iconic Big 5 – Lions, Rhino, Buffalo, Elephant, and Cheetahs. Immerse yourself in Africa's largest game reserves, including the Okavango, Chobe National Park, and the central Kalahari. An adventure trip to Botswana fulfills your eco-travel dreams beyond imagination.

Embark on an unforgettable journey with our eco-friendly overland tours and safaris. Botswana, teeming with rich history, stunning natural landscapes, and diverse wildlife, offers sustainable travel experiences. Explore the land of Million-year-old fossils and traditional practices of the Bushmen and Tswana people.

Explore Botswana with our top-notch 4X4 truck overland tours, unveiling the riches of the savanna, hospitable communities, and captivating natural landscapes. Immerse yourself in wildlife activities and safaris adhering to responsible travel norms. Experience a nature-friendly leisure trip, staying at world-class eco-lodges and boutique hotels in Africa. Join our Botswana cultural tours in small groups or opt for a private customized tour. Inquire about tailored private trips crafted exclusively for you. We guarantee the best prices, catering to all budgets for our 2024 and 2025 expeditions. Let Sarah Tours guide you to where the action is, creating meaningful encounters on all our African cultural and adventure overland tours.

Embark on a Botswana adventure with our overland tours, akin to exploring a chapter from Richard Burton's Diary. Welcome to Botswana Treks, Africa's most sparsely populated country, the continent's oldest unbroken democracy, and its most prosperous nation. This picturesque land served as the backdrop for "The Gods Must Be Crazy."