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Botswana portrays in its natural pallet a painting of natural beauty in contrast with sophisticated active overland tours, a kaleidoscope of colors and shadows, a melting pot of cultures and hospitality. We invite you to enjoy Our Botswana safari tours in Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park and Central Kalahari present you with a variety of exciting possibilities. Our Botswana safari package holidays vary from guided camping to classic lodge safari to absolute luxury customized private tours. Explore a safari in its natural parks supplied with state of the art eco lodges, enjoy visiting its vibrant cities and it sophisticated vineyardsi. Whayt you are about to unfold are indeed a complete hand picked tour packages with unsurpassed travel activities. Botswana safari and tours offer a spectrum of itineraries beyond the scope of other tour operators. Sarah Tours also offer adventure tours and Safaris, overland expeditions for small groups or private family travel to Kenya, Tanzania, Zembabwe, and much more in 2020 and 2021.

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Reasons why you should visit Botswana

Botswana, an endowed destination by nature is hands down one of the most beautiful and sophisticated place in Africa today for travelers to explore the beauty of nature and wildlife habitat unique to the Kalahari Desert. Taking a safari in Africa is no longer a Dr. Livingston I presume adventure. It is just as responsible as it is friendly green approach to natural life and eco-system of fauna and flora that makes Africa the Exotic Continent by excellence.

Traveling to discover the exotism of Botswana Safari and overland expeditions is indeed made for nature enthusiasts and explorers from around the world. Botswana has natural assets fit for the savvy traveler, the adventurous, nature enthusiasts, wild life lovers, to leisure travel and active honeymooners. We have it all figured out for you in our overland tours and Safari discoveries in Botswana.

Invariably, this stunning destination of Botswana mesmerizes visitors from around the world with its endowed diverse natural beauty in its Kalahari desert, it natural national parks to preserve the rights to a natural life preservation aced by lush farmland and vinyards, savannas where elephant herds meander in an abundant pasture and lions roar far in the distance in a surreal sunset from another planet. Beautiful setting beyond the imaginable but could be the reality of a dream that has captured your thoughts, a trip or Safari to Botswana is at your fingertips. We can speak of this magic land without mentioning Botswana and the Bushman, a culture that is unique in its own that offers a celebration of individuality, diverse in every sense with many native dilects and many ethnic groups but all unified around a boundless African resilience and laughter that rubs off you. Such irrepressible enthusiasm and joy of life are what you encounter while experiencing Botswana overland tours and Safari, just as much as you will encounter the lion prides and rhinos. We also offer overland adventure tours to Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and more for 2020 and 2021

Botswana is respectfully a habitat for divers and various wild life including the emblem of Africa, Big 5 (Lions, Rhino, Buffalo, Elephant and Cheetahs). When you reach the Okavanko and Chobe National Park not to forget the central Kalahari you will find out for yourself that you have put your foot in the largest game reserves in the world and most famous Big 5 destination. Taking a trip to Botswana is unlike anything you have ever imagined for your travel dreams.

If you are a world trotter, then do not miss our overland . South Africa is just as rich in its history, natural sites and wild life as in travel activities 2020 and 2021. This is the land of Million years old fossils, husbandry and pastoral life is still traditionally practiced by the Bushmen and Tswana people of whom the the name of the country is derived.

Our truck overland tours to Botswana are replete with goodies that worth checking out. Join our overland historic trips to the birth place of man, explore two millions of history from the hominids down to the homosapien, enjoy wild life activities and safaris, or simply take a leisure trip enjoying our natural hideouts ecolodges and boutique hotels Botswana holds a superb climate around the year. Enjoy our Botswana package tours or inquire about a tailored private trip to Botswana handpicked just for you. Best prices, all budgets and affordable expeditions for everyone are guaranteed for 2020 and 2021

Traveling to Botswana in one of our overland tours is like reading a chapter form Richard Burton Diary. Welcome to Botswana, the most sparsely populated country in Africa, the oldest unbroken democracy and most prosperous nation in the continent. Also the land of Gods must be crazy...