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Morocco is a doorway of endless beauty, dripping with exotic enchantment taking visitors on a magical ride through a mythical reality. Ancient walled cities over flow with history and life, shimmering Saharan dunes await your temporary footprints, and quaint mountain retreats are indelibly doused in breath taking landscapes. And that's just a sample. The entire country is infused with out-timed-world charm, each turn delivering another mesmeric omen. Our Morocco Tours are offered to travelers with a purpose completely focused on culture, nature and most important people. Sarah Tours, Inc. is absolutely your ticket to a world of marvels. Hands down, the best price in tailor made private or group tours in Morocco 2018/2019.

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Classic travel

Immerse yourself in Moroccan history and culture, discover the culinary arts of Morocco.


Walking, hiking, bird watching,horse back riding in protected national parks of Morocco.


take cooking classes with renown chefs to learn about the secrets of the traditional moroccan staples, spices, preserves, medicinal herbs and condiments.

Spirituality Travel

Explore another dimmension of spiritual travel by visiting venerated places with eminent spiritual scholars unique to Morocco.

Events and festivals

special fairs of holy saints, world sacred music festival of Fes, Imilchil marriage fair, horse festival, Gnaoua festival, Ramadan fasting month, Megouna rose festival and much more.

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