Morocco Adventure Tours

There are few places on earth to match the unsurpassed natural beauty of Morocco and the diversity of its landscapes. Hiking, trekking or walking in Morocco is treating yourself to an excellent journey that you will treasure for the rest of your life. The trails of Morocco are so rewarding whether you explore the Hiking, Trekking, Atlas Mountains, the Sahara desert or other highlands of Morocco, your active tour will be unique that you cannot compare it to any other hiking or trekking place on earth. Come and join our small groups adventure tours in Morocco guided by well trained native mountain guides that will share with you their knowledge and activities of the terrain, most importantly their Berber Culture. Discover a Morocco adventure trip expedition in the soaring mountains as well as magnificent sand dunes of the Sahara desert overland expedition riding a camel trek or 4x4 Cruisers exploring Berber villages, secret valleys and ancient cities. Encounter in any of your hiking tour nomads and Bedouins in their migrations or under their beautiful tents. Taking an active trip in Morocco is a feast for the senses. We design these adventure expeditions at your physical level and budget.

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