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Visiting Tanzania is discovering Africa as a whole, nature wise, history and human evolution. Tanzania represents the antiquity of Africa, the ancestral studies of man and the patina of the continent, if not the place of birth to everything your mind can conceive. This is the land of the great lakes of Africa namely Lake Victoria, lake Tanganyika, lake Malawi and lake Rukwa among many other smaller lakes. Tanzania is also home to the highest peaks in Afrika at the roof of the Kilimanjaro. Rivers crisscross the inland basically in every direction. Tanzania has the most diverse ethnic groups in the world with over a hundred dialects to be spoken though Swahili is the official language of this nation. To explore Tanzania landscapes and cultures is like discovering the whole continent of Africa. For Archeologist, anthropologists and linguists it is like digging how deep is lake Tanganyika with unique marine species and fish that do not exist anywhere else. Tanzania is where travel has another meaning and takes you to another level hard to match anywhere else in the world. Words would not give justice to what Tanzania is about. Come and join one of our overland expeditions to Tanzania. You will remember it forever as the best gift you have given to yourself. If you like active Tours and unique discoveries then we are the right tour company for you. Sample from our overland Tanzania tours in 2020 and 2021.

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Expeditions and Safaris were born in Kenya but they are much rewarding in Tanzania. Adventure travel and active tours began all in Tanzania, even the word safari is a Swahili name for travel. The endowed destination by nature is hands down one of the most beautiful and sophisticated places in Africa today for travelers to explore the beauty of nature and wildlife habitat millions of years old in enticing Tanzania. Taking a safari in Africa is a way to explore the natural landscapes and to explore the wildlife millions of years old. It is just as responsible as it is spiritual approach to natural life and eco-system of fauna and flora that makes Africa the Exotic Continent by excellence.

Traveling to Tanzania for a Safari is indeed made for all kinds of explorers from all webs of life. Tanzania, in particular, has natural assets fit for the savvy traveler and the curious explorer, the adventurous, nature enthusiasts, at best cost and all budgets. We at Sarah Tours have it all figured out for you designing rewarding overland tours and safaris to Tanzania.

Invariably, this stunning destination called Tanzania mesmerizes visitors from around the world with a diversity of landscapes and most importantly a culture as ancient as life earth itself. On our adventure tours to Tanzania you will discover this endowed destination with natural beauty in its stark mountains, great lakes of Africa, all you can imagine of a wildlife Africa has to offer and people of a diverse ethnicity hard to encounter elsewhere. Savannas, where elephant herds meander in an abundant pasture and lions, roar far in the distance in a surreal sunset from another planet. Beautiful setting beyond the imaginable but could be the reality of a dream trip that has captured your thoughts, a trip or Safari to Tanzania to remember forever. Such irrepressible enthusiasm and joie de vivre are what you encounter while experiencing Tanzania's discoveries on our overland tours and Safaris that we have hand picked for you. Sarah Tours also offers adventure expeditions to Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya and more for 2020 and 2021

Tanzania is known with its animal migration herds and respectfully a habitat for divers and various wildlife including the emblem of Africa, Big 5 (Lions, Rhino, Buffalo, Elephant and Cheetahs). When you reach in the Cushitic tribes up north or the Nilotes in south, you will encounter locals full of joy and hospitality happy to have you as a guest in their land. On our overland tours and safaris, you will explore one of the most interesting game reserves in the world. Taking a trip to Tanzania with a small group or as a private party is unlike anything you have ever imagined for your travel dreams. Please note that all our overland tours to Tanzania can be customized to a private Safari.

If you are a world trotter, then do not miss our group trips to Tanzania. Tanzania is just as rich in history, natural sites, and wildlife to explore. Our tours to Tanzania are replete with goodies, they are worth checking out. Join our historic overland trips, wildlife activities and safaris, or simply take a leisure trip enjoying our Dar es Salam and Zanzibar beaches and resorts around the year as Tanzania holds a superb mild climate around the year. Enjoy our Tanzania package tours or inquire about a tailored private trip made just for you. Best price for all budgets is guaranteed for 2020 and 2021