Senegal Overland Tours

Welcome to our Africa overland tours, tailored for small groups and private expeditions. Senegal, a captivating gem in West Africa, boasts ancient history and natural beauty harmonized with modern comfort. Explore the western Sahara Desert's mysteries through our overland tours to Senegal from Morocco. Designed for active travelers eager to delve into the natural and human life of West Africa, our expeditions traverse Morocco and Mauritania overland.

Senegal's vibrant hues and lively spirit have beckoned explorers for centuries. This Sub-Saharan destination seamlessly combines the aridness of the desert with dense jungle forests. On our group tours, you'll traverse Senegal's dynamic cities and vibrant markets, from Saint Louis to Dakar, Casamance to Fatick, Ziguinchor to Tambacounda, and beyond. Our small group tours offer a holistic experience, blending cultural encounters with natural beauty.

Senegal overland tours present diverse itineraries, surpassing other tour operators in West Africa. Our active overland expeditions from Morocco to Senegal provide the best prices, catering to all budgets for an unparalleled West African adventure. Trust us for the most competitive costs and the finest overland tours to Senegal. Join our sustainable eco-tours, fostering goodwill and exploration in small groups or private expeditions.

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Senegal Overland Tours

Reasons why you should visit Senegal

Senegal, a nature-endowed destination, stands out as one of the most beautiful and sophisticated regions in West Africa. Offering a spectrum of adventure and overland treks to small group travelers, Senegal unfolds the beauty of its diverse landscapes—from the arid Sahara Desert in the north to the lush Savanna and rainforest in the south, surrounding the Gambia River. This wildlife habitat, millions of years old, provides an exotic safari experience and unparalleled animal viewing. Our overland truck tours to Senegal transport you back to the time of early explorers and pioneers like De Saint Exupery, promising natural and spontaneous adventures amid diverse West African landscapes and essential cultural encounters. It embraces a responsible, active approach to wildlife and the ecosystem, making Africa the Exotic Continent par excellence.

Embarking on a small group journey to Senegal is an adventurous encounter, a self-offering to discover a world of exoticism and beauty beyond imagination. Tailored for active travelers who seek culture and nature, our overland tours are meticulously designed, exploring the best of Atlantic exotic cultures from Casablanca to Dakar.

Invariably, Senegal mesmerizes visitors globally with its diverse natural beauty, vibrant culture, and savannas where wildlife roams freely. A small group adventure trip to Senegal unveils moments to treasure for a lifetime. Senegal's market days provide an exceptional cultural experience, steeped in the excitement of traditional trade outposts with a history spanning thousands of years. Handpicked goodwill tours to Senegal ensure the best active group travel experience in West Africa, celebrating individuality and diversity through numerous dialects unified by French as the official language. The irrepressible enthusiasm and expertise of Senegalese ancient trader culture define the experience of Senegal adventure tours. Various group or customized active overland options await your selection. Sarah Tours, Inc. offers overland tours with the best cost, catering to all budgets from luxury to shoestring, delivering unsurpassed services with authenticity and style.

For the globetrotter, our pre-arranged cultural trips to Senegal present rich history, natural wonders, wildlife encounters, and cultural experiences, all scheduled with frequent departures. Senegal, the land of antiquity, ancient cultures, zest for life, and vibrant music and dance, awaits exploration.

Our ecological and sustainable tours to Senegal are brimming with enticing experiences. Join our small group for historic cultural trips, wildlife activities, and goodwill expeditions, or indulge in a leisure luxury trip, savoring wild beaches and adobe villages in authentic African exotism. Whether you prefer adventure package tours or seek tailored private trips, the best price is guaranteed for all budgets, complemented by top-notch services. Note that all our overland tours to Senegal can be customized for a private expedition, accommodating your timetable and budget. Embark on one of our goodwill tours to Senegal, where Sarah Tours will immerse you in the heart of the action, creating encounters for you on all our African culture and adventure overland tours.