Senegal Overland Tours

Welcome to our Africa overland tours for small groups and private expeditions. Senegal, one of most picturesque and enticing country in West Africa is distinguished with its ancient history, natural beauty in contrast with sophisticated comfort to explore. Our overland Tours to Senegal from Morocco for small groups and private trips are an exotic way to discover the western regions of the Sahara desert and its mystries. We cater to all active travelers who wish to discover the natural and human life in West Africa traveling through Morocco and Mauritania overland. Senegal extotic colors and zest of life has attracted explorers since the dawn of time. it is a Sub-Sahara destination that combines the aridness of the the desert to dense forests of the jungle. You will be visiting Senegal's vibrant cities and exciting markets from Saint Louis to Dakar, the region of Casamance, Fatick, Zikinchor, Tambakounda and much more on any of group tours. Our small group tours are indeed a complete package replete with cultural encounters and natural beauty. Senegal overland tours offer a spectrum of itineraries beyond the scope of other tour operators selling tours to West Africa. Our active overland expeditions to Senegal from Morocco offer you the best prices, budget for all, and the best west African experience. We guarrantee the best cost for best overland tours to Senegal in 2022 and 2023. Join our goodwill sustainable eco-tours to Senegal traveling in a small group or private expedition.

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Senegal Overland Tours

Reasons why you should visit Senegal

Senegal, the endowed destination by nature is hands down one of the most beautiful and sophisticated regions of West Africa. Senegal offers today to small group travelers a spectrum of adventure and overland treks exploring the beauty of nature, exotic markets are known for trade since prehistoric time. A combination of diverse landscapes from the arid Sahara Desert up north to the lush Savanna and rain forest down south and around the Gambia River. A wildlife habitat millions of years old for exotic safari and animals viewing. Taking an overland Truck Tour to Senegal with us is like traveling back in time of early explorers and Pioneers like De Saint Exupery. Our expeditions are natural and spontaneous adventure exploring diverse West Africa landscapes and fundamental cultural encounters. It is just as responsible as it is active approach to natural life and eco-system of fauna and flora that makes Africa the Exotic Continent by excellence.

Traveling to Senegal in a small group is a great adventure encounter you may offer yourself to discover a world of exotism and beauty beyond the imagination. Senegal overland tours and goodwill expeditions are made for active travelers who go beyond just regular tourism. If you are a culture seeker and nature enthusiast then our overland tours are made for you. We have it all figured out for you in our small group truck overland expeditions from Morocco visiting the best of the Atlantic exotic cultures from Casablanca to Dakar.

Invariably, this stunning destination of Senegal mesmerizes visitors from around the world with its endowed diverse natural beauty in its colorful culture, savannas where wildlife meander in an abundant pasture south of Senegal. An adventure trip to Senegal with a small group opens doors to capture moments you will treasure for a lifetime. A Senegal market day is a great cultural experience in its self. This African destination is known by the excitement of traditional old trade outposts thousands of years old. These goodwill tours to Senegal are handpicked for you to enjoy the best of group active travel in West Africa. Cultures of a unique celebration of individuality, diverse in every sense with many dialects spoken, with French as the official language unified around a boundless resilience and laughter that rubs off you. Such irrepressible enthusiasm and know-how of this Senegalese ancient trader culture are what you encounter while experiencing Senegal adventure tours. An array of group or customized active overland tours is waiting for you to pick one for you. Sarah Tours, Inc. offers overland tours with the best cost, all budgets, from luxury packages to shoe string budget, unsurpassed services with authenticity and style.

If you are a world trotter, then do not miss our pre-arranged cultural trips to Senegal. Senegal is just as rich in its history, natural sites and wildlife as in travel activities and cultural encounters, all scheduled with frequent departures in 2022 and 2023. This is the land of antiquity, ancient cultures, zest for life and best music and dance by its native Senegalese.

Our ecological and sustainable tours to Senegal are replete with goodies that is worth checking out. Join our small group historic cultural trips, wildlife activities, and goodwill expeditions to Senegal, or simply take a leisure luxury trip enjoying wild beaches and adobe villages in most authentic African exotism. Enjoy our adventure package tours or inquire about a tailored private trips in Senegal made just for you. Best price is guaranteed for 2021 and 2022 at all budgets with the best services. Please note that all our overland tours to Senegal can be customized to a private expedition that would suit your timetable and budget. Join one of our goodwill tour to Senegal 2022 and 2023. Sarah Tours will take you where it is all happening insted of making encounters hapen for you, on all of our Africa cultural and adventure overland tours.