Morocco Spiritual Tours

Morocco spiritual makeup is what makes this nation a western Mecca to stoics, scholars and anyone who is in search to nourish the soul with what is beyond the material world. It is said that if the middle east is the land of prophets then Morocco is the land of Saints. Sufism, mysticism and spiritual devotion are what portrays the daily life of Moroccans. Join us in spiritual life experience exploring the Kingdom of Morocco through Sufism, sacred music and timeless spiritual festivals perpetually. Discover a world of spiritual encounters by visiting special Maqams of Sufi Masters, mosques, synagogues and Cathedrals sharing prayers, zikrs and spiritual music gatherings with Moroccans, dance to their sacred music and enjoy a heart to heart exchange with simple locals. Enrich your life and intellect with the most rewarding knowledge. Sample from our ample repertoire of spiritual journeys throughout Morocco.

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