The Fez Festival of World Sacred Music 2021

Spiritual Trip
Welcome to our Morocco music tours. A unique Morocco tour to explore a universal World Sacred Music Festival in the holy city of Fez. This is a Morocco spiritual journey unlike any other on the planet. You will explore a select collection of sacred music from around the world, Explore the Moroccan culture in-depth as you share with them directly sacred moments in an authentic spiritual Morocco tour. Fez, where this festival of Sacred Music is taking place, is, in fact, the heartbeat of spirituality mysticism in Morocco.

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Some places, across this world, are favorable to the enrichment of human beings and the elevation of their souls. Some privileged moments to meet can transform all of us into the essence of a relationship much deeper and real for each other. Some actions, some attitudes, eventually some thoughts can express so many calls to overcome limitations and create the desire for blissfulness. It is on this theme that the World Sacred Music Festival of Fez invites us this year. Check our Morocco tours to Fez sacred Music festival 2021.

The 21st century has marked our human history by a materialistic race that perhaps has reached its pinnacle. The rapids of this fast-paced life have swept people away from what is really of great value in their lives. But as we are all blessed by our consciousness and sense of reason we always return to reevaluate our acts as we exist. The new 2021 has arrived over the horizon and the rebirth of the sacred is happening.

Our Morocco tours to Fez sacred music festival is an offering of shared blissful moments, through the medium of devotional music from around the globe, known to all human hearts and understood as a universal sacred language of the soul. This festival of world sacred music is born out of two elements, the encounter of people from diverse areas, a rich variety of specialties, and its site, Fez, a renowned spiritual metropolis. Ancient cultures and sacred traditions are vividly engraved in the memories of this ethereal city. Fez has a rich and warm social life that one can harmoniously encounter in the heart of this world-class gathering to all our Morocco tours. The World Sacred Music Tour is unlike any other spiritual music tour to Morocco. It is a journey to the sacred, it is a transformative trip that you would cherish for the rest of your life as much as a healing prayer for all humanity on this planet. Join our Morocco tour in the spirit of the sacred to enjoy moments of contemplation and music of the heart from the four corners of the planet. This Sacred Music tour is at all budgets from the shoestring budget to luxury. Welcome to a Spiritual Journey to Morocco in its most sacred city of Fes. You will love the 2021sacred music lineup for the Fez festival. Welcome to Fez world sacred music festival. Check other Morocco music tours we have handpicked just for you.


June 2: Casablanca – Rabat

After your flight arrives, you will meet your host at the airport and travel directly to Rabat, Morocco’s capital city. With a history that spans both centuries and dynasties, Rabat has accumulated a variety of architectural styles that represent its remarkable legacy. You will spend your afternoon with your local guide visiting some of Rabat’s many sacred landmarks, including the Mellah (Jewish quarter), the Mohamed V mausoleum, the Oudaya Kasbah, and the Andalous gardens, followed by dinner at the Hotel Chellah.

June 3: Volubilis – Meknes – Fez

Your day will be spent en route to Fez, with stops in Volubilis, the Roman capital of Northwestern Africa, and Meknes, where you will visit the acclaimed citadel of Moulay Idris, a sacred sanctuary and a spiritual landmark for all Moroccans. Hidden in the hinterland and surrounded by centuries-old olive groves that have supplied the country with oils since Punic times, Moulay Idris was founded in the 8th century by Moulay Idris Al Akbar, the grandson of the Prophet Mohamed. It is the cradle of Sufism to Moroccan society and is considered the first Islamic city for the premier Arab dynasty, and has become the destination for those who don’t, have the means to make the pilgrimage to Mekkah for the Hajj Duty. You will continue traveling through the region until you reach the holy city of Fez, where you will visit the ramparts, the gates, and the Borjes (Moorish Forts). Afterward, you will end your day with dinner at your hotel.

June 4: Fez walking tour

You will begin your day with a colorful Mediterranean breakfast buffet, followed by a guided historical and spiritual tour of Fez, featuring the Mellah, the King’s palace, and a walking tour of the world’s largest and most authentic Medina. You will discover on this spiritual tour of Fez with your small group a walled city with a maze of twisting alleys and blind turns, the Medina has mosques, shrines, fountains, workshops, and markets that go far beyond the scope of one’s imagination. After lunch in a typical Moroccan restaurant, you will spend the remainder of your afternoon exploring and shopping, followed by dinner at your hotel. In the evening, you will attend the Festival’s Grand Opening.

June 5: Fez – Sidi Ahmed Al Barnoussi – Fez

After breakfast, you will travel with your small group tour to explore mount Zalagh in the vicinity of Fes. Your morning will be spent on an excursion to the Rif Mountains, where you will visit the sacred site of Sidi Ahmed al Barnoussi shrine and enjoy a picnic lunch over the red poppy fields with local scribes and a typical couscous meal as the traditions calls for. It is a sharing moments with those who visit those who are taking a retreat in this renowned Sufi Sanctuary. Nothing could be ceremonial with our sacred music, so, The Jajouka musicians and dancers will enchant you with haunting sounds of their oboes and drums – a ceremony that you will treasure for the rest of your life. After lunch, you will return to Fez for the afternoon Festival activities, dinner, and evening events.

June 6: Fez

Today you can stay with your group tour or simply do what you wish on your own. You will have the entire morning at your leisure, free to do whatever you please. We will all meet at the hotel for dinner and brief you on your spiritual tour to Morocco In the afternoon, you will attend the afternoon concerts, followed by dinner and the Festival’s evening events.

June 7: Fez - Excursion to Moulay Yacob Hot Springs

After breakfast, we will take off to enjoy the natural hot springs of Moulay Yacob and the Thermal Spa. For centuries, people came to Moulay Yacob seeking his Baraka of healing and bath in these hot springs to cure themselves of all sorts of skin diseases and disorders as much as rheumatism discomforts. Lunch will be at a small Berber restaurant. Then we will return to Fez for the afternoon concerts. The evening concerts will be at Bab Makina.

June 8: Fez

In the early morning, you will enjoy a sunrise Sufi ceremony offered over the Merinides dynasty necropolis looking East for a dramatic sunrise over the sleeping giant Medina of the 9th century. Join the group at dawn at the lobby of your hotel so we can go to the Merinides necropolis to pray and watch the sunrise over the old city of Fez from the highest point overlooking the panoramic view of the Medina. This is an optional excursion. We will return to the hotel for breakfast, relax and get ready for afternoon and evening concerts of the best sacred music scheduled for today.

June 9: Fez – Sefrou – B’Halil – Fez

Your day will include an optional day trip from Fez to the ancient Jewish city of Sefrou. Predating Fez by a thousand years, Sefrou once played a vital role as the last stop for the sub-Saharan caravans transporting goods to the European markets. There, you will visit the shrine of Sidi Lahcen Al Yussi, a venerated Sufi master who was considered the guardian of Sefrou. In addition, you will visit the mausoleums of other Rabbis, as well as the city’s synagogues. On your return trip to Fez, you will visit the ancient Christian village of B’Halil, which is known for its distinctive troglodyte dwellings. Upon your arrival at Fez, you will attend the Festival’s evening events.

June 10: Fez

In the morning, you will attend a lecture on World Sacred Music and Mysticism, followed by the Festival’s afternoon events at the Dar Batha museum, dinner, and the evening Festival events at Bab Makina, the court of the King’s palace. After the concerts, we will all retreat to a family home in the Medina and share a Sufi night gathering with Issaoua Drummers in a most authentic fashion. It is reserved only for our group.

June 11: Fez

You will spend your morning visiting the Andalucian part of the Medina of Fes, where you will learn the history of the settler Moors, who arrived from Spain during the 13th century. The World Sacred Music Festival’s afternoon concerts will take place at Dar Batha, followed by dinner and the Festival concerts.

June 12: Fez – Festival Closing Ceremony

the morning will be at leisure. then the afternoon concerts. After dinner, we will take you to the Festival closing concerts and ceremony.

June 13: Travel from Fez to Marrakech

In the morning, you will ride with your small group and depart for Marrakech via Azrou and Khenifra. As you travel across the Middle Atlas Mountains, you will visit Berber villages and wards, experience many scenic views, and explore some traditional markets. You will have lunch in Khenifra and will find dinner and accommodations available at your hotel in Marrakech.

June 14: Marrakech Guided Tour

Your guide and driver will assist you in your exploration of the marvelous city of Marrakech. You will visit with your group on this marvelous tour to Morocco the historic Menara, a magnificent pool surrounded by flower beds, which reflects the image of a beautiful Moorish edifice. The construction was built in 1866 so that the dignitaries might enjoy the country’s glorious sunsets, the snow-capped Atlas Mountains providing an ethereal backdrop. The pool itself is an innovative, functional irrigation system, built-in an architectural style adapted to desert life. Your tour will also include visits to several notorious monuments, including the Koutoubia Minaret (identical to the la Giralda tower in Sevilla, Spain), and the Saadian tombs, which represent Moorish architecture at its finest. The tombs, which include several sixteenth-century mausoleums, lay undiscovered behind walls until 1917. You will conclude your day with a drink at sunset, overlooking the bustling Jamaa El Fna square.

June 15: Travel to Casablanca Airport

We will depart in the morning riding our bus tour with our small group achieving a memorable tour to Morocco ending at Casablanca Airport. You will catch your flight at Casablanca Airport, accompanied by memories that will last you a lifetime.

What is included:

  • Accommodations in your hotel, including half board (breakfast, dinner)
  • Land transportation to specified events in a deluxe motor coach
  • Assistance from Sarah Tours guides and tour leaders
  • Fees for monuments, museums, and Festival activities
  • Couscous lunch in the shrine of Sidi Ahmed Bernoussi
  • All Excursions to notable places
  • Bottled water in the bus, Teas and cookies in sufi gathreings
  • Bottled water in the bus, Teas and cookies in sufi gathreings
  • Baggage handling, hotels and restaurant taxes

Hotels Used:

  • Rabat: Hotel Chellah, 1 night
  • Marrakech: Hotel El Andalous, 2 nights
  • Fez: Hotel L’Escale, 10 nights

Cost per person: $2485 USD

Single supplement: $485 USD


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