Jewels of South Africa Safari and Tour

South Africa Trip

Welcome to our South Africa Safari and overland tours. This 12 days tour to South Africa is where you can enjoy the country's premium highlights with Zimbabwe as ice on the cake. Immerse yourself in this combination of a trendy South Africa safari and luxury tour of major highlights and cities of South Africa. In fact, this is Enchanting group tour to South Africa Safari featuring the melting pot of cultures, and inspiring journey through nature and a refined side of exotic South Africa Safari.

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Enjoy the Jewels of South Africa tours. In this wonderful overland group expedition combining natural sites and wildlife safari, you will not only explore the marvels of South Africa as an adventure destination but discover the unsurpassed beauty of Zimbabwe Safari and other surrounding notable regions. You will visit the vibrant cities of South Africa and Zimbabwe, the lush savannas, take a sunset cruise in the Zambezi, discover the marvelous Victoria falls or as native call them the 'Mosi-oa-Tunya'. On this overland group tour to South Africa, you will also visit the Oudtshoorn Taverns and Cango wildlife habitat staying in the best Safari lodges. You will also take a canopy tour and other adrenalin activities over the tropical forests of South Africa. Let`s not forget vibrant and historic cities and sites in South Africa like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and many others. Noticeably, of course, the Atlantic Seaboard replete with fishing villages and Seal Island for animal and birds viewing all featured on the group tour and Safari to South Africa. A twelve days tour of adventure activities, wildlife safari, and deluxe lodges are all at your reach. This is a customized South Africa Safari in combination with Zimbabwe overland expedition for small groups tour packages scheduled for 2021 and 2022. But if you prefer private independent travel to South Africa, we can have your Safari tailored to South Africa and Zimbabwe just for you.


What is included:

  • Services of local guides
  • Hotel taxes and service charges
  • Transportation in 4X4 vehicles
  • Breakfast, and dinner daily

Hotels Used:

Tue 22 Jun 2021 Sun 4 Jul 2021 Available $3885 RESERVATION
Thu 22 Jul 2021 Tue 3 Aug 2021 Available $3885 RESERVATION
Sun 22 Aug 2021 Fri 3 Sep 2021 Available $3885 RESERVATION
Wed 22 Sep 2021 Mon 4 Oct 2021 Available $3885 RESERVATION
Fri 22 Oct 2021 Wed 3 Nov 2021 Available $3885 RESERVATION
Mon 22 Nov 2021 Sat 4 Dec 2021 Available $3885 RESERVATION
Wed 22 Dec 2021 Mon 3 Jan 2022 Available $3885 RESERVATION
Sat 22 Jan 2022 Thu 3 Feb 2022 Available $3885 RESERVATION
Tue 22 Feb 2022 Sun 6 Mar 2022 Available $3885 RESERVATION
Tue 22 Mar 2022 Sun 3 Apr 2022 Available $3885 RESERVATION
Fri 22 Apr 2022 Wed 4 May 2022 Available $3885 RESERVATION
Sun 22 May 2022 Fri 3 Jun 2022 Available $3885 RESERVATION
Wed 22 Jun 2022 Mon 4 Jul 2022 Available $3885 RESERVATION
Fri 22 Jul 2022 Wed 3 Aug 2022 Available $3885 RESERVATION
Mon 22 Aug 2022 Sat 3 Sep 2022 Available $3885 RESERVATION
Thu 22 Sep 2022 Tue 4 Oct 2022 Available $3885 RESERVATION
Sat 22 Oct 2022 Thu 3 Nov 2022 Available $3885 RESERVATION
Tue 22 Nov 2022 Sun 4 Dec 2022 Available $3885 RESERVATION
Thu 22 Dec 2022 Tue 3 Jan 2023 Available $3885 RESERVATION

Cost per person: $3885 USD

Single supplement: $885 USD


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