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Is Zambia a travel destination? This active tour will take off and end in Lusaka! It is featuring an 8 Day wildlife expedition to Lower Zambezi and Mana Pools National Parks, a wildlife-focused safari, you have an eight-day tour package taking you through Lusaka, Chirundu, Lower Zambezi river, Zimbabwe Mana Pools, one of the best national parks in Africa for a walking safari.

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Are group tours cheaper? Group tours are usually cheaper than private. However, you should also consider that group tours save you a lot of time in research, organization, and booking your trip and activities. This Zambia expedition is focused on natural discoveries and cultural encounters. We will not shorten any daily Zabian exuberant daily life, celebrations, colorful markets, fieldwork, and villages exploring. The Zambezi is not only a river an exotic river in Africa it is the whole life support for Zambians, but It is also the identity of the Zambian culture. The Zambezi Valley with its fauna and flora natural setting is a piece of Jurassic Park, Millions of years unchanged by time. Examining a Faidherbia Albida will give you goosebumps knowing how the Fauna works with the flora, how a tree is foraged by an elephant, and how many purposes this one tree serves for nature, humans, and animals. The Chirundu Village is the quintessential African Village. The name Chirundu in the native language means “people following in a line” probably referring to the crossing of the Zambezi River Bridge. This overland expedition and Safari include comfortable accommodation, great food as well as expert guides, meals, and 4x4 overland transport. Join us on this educational, informative, and rewarding expedition to Zambia for 2022 and 2023. Enjoy our 8 days Zambia customized tour. Based on African American heritage tours.


Day 1: Arrival to Lusaka

You will arrive in Lusaka, the capital city and business center of Zambia. Lusaka is one of Africa’s most delightful cities. It is a metropolitan area that offers traditional and hearty Zambian welcome to all visitors. You will be met at the Lusaka (Kenneth Kaunda) International airport by our Greeters and company driver. Thereafter, you will be transferred to the Lusaka Central Business District (CBD) area. You will stay at StayEasy hotel within the CBD area (sharing), located in a quiet and central place of Lusaka city, a mere 4 minutes’ walk to the up-market Levy Mwanawasa shopping mall. Check-in and relax whilst waiting to be served with evening dinner. Features StayEasy is a great hotel ideal for special safari interest groups and those wanting a real value-for-money accommodation option in Lusaka. Free long/short term baggage storage • Internet/email facilities, WiFi available, • Restaurant • Bar with DSTV for sports games • 24 hour hot and cold running showers Notes: There are no planned activities on the day of arrival in Lusaka. So you will check-in the hotel and relax or visit Lusaka city if you arrive early in the day. Activities start tomorrow early in the morning which is the day of travel to Lower Zambezi valley via Chirundu.

Day 2: Travel from Lusaka to Chirundu at lower Zambezi

After Breakfast, we will start our overland experience in Zambia traveling from Lusaka to Chirundu comfortably on a paved road. Chirundu is an important commercial artery route that crosses the Zambian border and goes to Harare, Zimbabwe. Usually, this road is well kept as traffic connecting Harare to Lusaka is important. So at most this road is always kept in good repair condition. About 50 km from Lusaka, you will reach a small road-side town of Kafue (its name is derived from the Kafue River, one of Zambia’s major rivers). This town has no major things of interest worth a stop-over. Between Kafue and Chirundu, there are occasional craft stalls set up on the side of the road selling carved wooden animals, drums and other memorabilia. Just in case you wish to buy any of t these items, you may do so on the return trip to Lusaka. As a tour operator who cares about its travelers, bottled water is always available in our overland truck. Lunch and refreshments are provided on board en-route to Lower Zambezi. About 200–300m from the Chirundu border, the unsign posted road to the Lower Zambezi branches east from the main road. We will head to Mukuyu campsite in the game management area covering a distance of 50 km for camping in nature excursion. Arrival Time allowing, after checking-in at Mukuyu campsite situated in a Game Management Area, you will stretch your legs after this trip from Lusaka by going for a short walk. You will experience a special feeling of joy and freedom walking in a natural setting away from anything else you are used to. If time will be short to go for a walk, you will be at liberty to explore the nearby surrounding green environment of Mukuyu campsite. Dinner and accommodation will be at camp.

Day 3: Wildlife Viewing in Lower Zambezi

Wake up early enough to be ready on time to start your exciting safari day exploring the best of wildlife viewing in Zambia. You will have first a briefing by our tour leader on some pertinent facts such as personal safety, required eco-tourism, and responsible environmental practices, and some important country information and social etiquette. After an early breakfast, we shall leave for the full day game cruise on the Lower Zambezi National Park. Enjoy the morning and afternoon scheduled game activities that will be explored by both canoe/boat and game drive vehicle. Temperatures can reach up to 38°C (100°F) or higher are quite common in the lower Zambezi valley. Its prominent landscapes feature the African trees of massive Albida or winter-thorn trees (Faidherbia Albida) which serve as forage for elephants and Giraffes, also shade most Fauna living in this area. The apple ring acacia keeps the elephant herds alive during the fierce October-November dry season. These beautiful trees paint a picturesque natural palette this park is famous for. The Zambezi river basins provide the most needed relief from the scorching valley heat for a variety of wild animals to refresh their bodies or keep hydrated. So this river cruise will exhibit a natural setting as close and you can wish for. This is an exciting opportunity to view a variety of wild animals notably Hippos, Buffaloes and Elephants among other many other species. We will make many stops on the river whilst you continue enjoying viewing animals both on land and on the river. Lunch and refreshments will be provided whilst on this exciting tour. Return to camp in the evening for dinner and accommodation.

Day 4: Travel to Mana Pools in Zimbabwe

Today we will discover one of the best Natural settings for wildlife viewing Zambia is known for. Mana Pools park in Zimbabwe is locally famous as a place where crowds are unknown, where walking safaris are preferred and where elephants rule the wilderness as well as in campsites. The park also provides excellent sightings of large herds of Buffalos, Elands, Zebras, Baboons, and Waterbuck are also regularly seen in the area. The game is very relaxed about people on foot, making Mana Pools one of Africa’s best national parks for walking safaris. Our Safari day will start early after breakfast to discover the pulse of Africa at dawn with its haunting sounds and mesmerizing colors at daybreak. Nocturn wildlife is in retreat while daylight species are waking up. A lively moment in Nature beyond what words can say. Start your day to explore the best of your second phase of this exciting tour to Mana Pools park the heartbeat of Zimbabwe. We will head to the one-stop Chirundu border center between Zambia and Zimbabwe. After border formalities, we will cross the famous bridge to discover Zimbabwe. We will travel on the main paved road for a little while before taking a turn to the dirt trails for our day adventure. The scene is ethereal and the feeling is overwhelming. A connection between nature with all that conceivable and human of all trends. This what we call the Zambezi escarpment, a forty miles dirt road and travel towards Nyamepi Camp. We will finally arrive at Mana Pools camp situated in the untouched wilderness in Mana Pools National Park. You will be at liberty to explore the surrounding camp bushes before the sunset. Dinner and overnight in this piece of unearthly camp.

Day 5/6: Exploring Mana Pools National Park

Wake up for an unforgettable morning in one of the Best National Park in Africa. Today you are a guest at nature to experience the pure African wilderness in solitary in Manapools National Park which is rated the 5th best park in Africa. Armchair safari, where you can have great wildlife viewing opportunities from camp. Enjoy morning and afternoon activities, including game drives, walking safaris, armchair safaris, canoeing, fishing activities interspersed in two days. The camp’s close proximity to the water means an abundance of wildlife at close range to view. It is here that you can experience an ‘armchair safari’ where often the best wildlife viewing is experienced while you are relaxing in camp. Highlights of Activities The following are some of the main activities that you will undertake at Mana Pools National Park, should conditions and weather patterns allow them. Walking Safaris Mana Pools national park offers a unique unguided walk in the wilderness, it allows experiencing nature at its best. A walking safari will provide an incredible experience for you to be able to walk through the African bush on foot with a guide and view animals only a few yards away. Canoe Safaris Due to the abundance of water in the area, a canoe safari is used as one of the best ways in which to view wildlife. Half of the joy is experiencing the quiet, solitude and beauty of the unspoiled bush around you. Curios Shopping There are quality souvenirs that you may buy at the Nyakasikana entrance gate and most of them are Manapools locally made. Nocturne Wilderness trails. These walking safaris are offered only at a full moon. This is a rare and exclusive activity in a park with dangerous animals like this in Africa. Mana Pools National Park is also known for bird sanctuaries with over 350 bird species to watch. Its banks of the Zambezi flutter with Goliath herons, Egyptian and Spurwing geese, cormorants, storks, brilliantly colored bee-eaters, and kingfishers. You will experience the highlights of the best world bird watching safari concentrated along the same Zambezi riverine frontage without fighting the peak season crowd common in other national parks. This heaven for ornithologists. As we said, today is to treasure for a lifetime. A little peek on the garden of Eden. Dinner and accommodation in camp.

Day 7: Travel to Lusaka

After breakfast, we ill pack and return to Lusaka. Enjoy the city lively ambiance. Do some shopping or simply explore the highlights of the Lusaka. Dinner and accommodation will be the hotel.

Day 8: Lusaka - Home

Your Zambia Discovery tour will end after breakfast followed by a warm goodby at the Lusaka Airport leaving with great memories and a plane to board back home. Come back for more adventure tours to Zambia and Zimbabwe

What is included:

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • Transportation in 4X4 vehicles
  • Services of local guides
  • Hotel taxes and service charges
  • Fees to National Parks

Hotels Used:

Tue 18 Apr 2023 Wed 26 Apr 2023 Available $3285 RESERVATION
Tue 2 May 2023 Wed 10 May 2023 Available $3285 RESERVATION
Tue 16 May 2023 Wed 24 May 2023 Available $3285 RESERVATION
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Cost per person: $3285 USD

Single supplement: $465 USD


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