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This overland Zambia Experience tour will take off from Livingstone and end in Lusaka! It is featuring a 10 Day wildlife expedition to Kalomo, Choma, Namwala, Baanga, Itezhi Tezhi, Kafu National Park and Zambia pleasant city of Lusaka. A wildlife-focused safari, you have a ten-day tour package taking you through Livingstone, Central provinces, Kafu National Park and Lusaka. Africa for a walking safari.

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This Zambia Safari and expedition is focused on natural discoveries and cultural encounters. We will not shorten on any daily Zambian exuberant daily life, celebrations, colorful markets, fieldwork, and villages exploring. The Livingstone southern province is not only a natural wonder but a wealth of southern belt breathtaking landscapes. One of Africa's rewarding areas for nature lovers. The Kafu National Park with its fauna and flora natural setting is a piece of Jurassic Park, Millions of years unchanged by time. Examining Itezhi Tezhi town is a great way to explore the archaic life of Africa will stepping back in time as the first explorers set a foot in this vibrant continent human daily life. Viewing wildlife in Zambia is a real chapter from Dr. Livingstone's discoveries. The Chirundu Village is the quintessential African Village. The name Chirundu in native language means “people following in a line” probably referring to the crossing of the Zambezi River Bridge. This overland expedition and Safari include comfortable accommodation, great food as well as expert guides, meals, and 4x4 overland transportation. Our Zambia safari and overland tours are beyond expectations. Join us on one of our Zambia group tours, you will love it.


Day 1: Arrival to Livingstone

Upon your arrival at Livingstone Airport, you will meet our representative who will greet you and then transfer you to your hotel. Transferred to and stay at Mosi-oa-Tunya Executive Lodge, located in a quiet and clean residential area of Livingstone. After check-in, you will have time to relax and acclimate. Dinner and accommodation will be at your hotel. All the accommodation at the hotel is at your disposal. • Free long/short term baggage storage • Internet/email facilities, WiFi available, • Swimming pool and Restaurant • Bar with DSTV for sports games • Braai/Barbecue areas, 24 hour hot and cold running showers. There are no planned activities on the day of arrival. If you have arrived early in the day, we offer you a Livingstone guided tour if you like to visit the city. Our overland tour and Safari activities will begin the next morning. So we need to be fresh and rejuvenated to start your trip on the right foot.

Day 2: Livingstone City Tour

Wake up early enough to be ready for a good breakfast and our tour debriefing by our tour manager on some pertinent facts such as personal safety required eco-tour practices and some important country information and social etiquette. This will take place between 07:30 am – 08:00 am. Immediately after, we will start our city tour starting with a visit to - THE LIVINGSTONE MUSEUM. It has extensive collection examples of Zambia’s excellent ethnic craftsmanship and art including witchcraft objects. Permanent natural history is featured. You will also visit Historic Landmarks such as Victoria Falls Bridge, a major Historic Landmark in Zambia. We will take a lunch break. Travel to the mighty Victoria Falls located within the Livingstone zonal area, 12km from the Livingstone city center traveling southwards towards the Zimbabwe border. Start touring the mighty Victoria Falls, a UNESCO-listed waterfall —one of the natural seven wonders and the largest falling sheet of water of the world, Victoria Falls is perched on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Our tour will continue to the Victoria Falls Museum. This specific museum was constructed to show the history of the Victoria Falls for around several decades back until now. It also has got displays demonstrating how the falls were formed. Our tour guide will take to visit typical Zambian villages in the vicinity. Explore the mock traditional villages and appreciate the mimicked African traditional villages. Possibly some female members can have their hair plaited in the African style on their own account. We will return later to our Lodge for dinner and accommodation.

Day 3: Travel from Livingstone to Kalomo

We will wake up today at the crock of Dawn to get ready for a great exploratory day. We will be traveling overland north on T-1 the scenic road of Zambia connecting Livingstone to Lusaka. The ride will be comfortable and cover about 90 miles exploring roadside towns such as Zimba toward Kalomo. Historically Kalomo was the first colonial capital city of the then Northern Rhodesia, Zambia today. We will stop for a guided tour of this town visiting the Kalomo BOMA offices of the colonial administrator of Northern-Western Rhodesia, explore the Kalundu Mound in the vicinity. This is an iron age landmark witnessing an era of Iron mining accumulation of debris of many centuries. We will take a break for lunch and explore Kalomo. Our expedition will proceed traveling another 70 miles to reach Choma. This is the quintessential Zambian market town. Colorful, vibrant and energetic with an aura of an active happy life. This provincial headquarters of Southern Province of Zambia lies on Zambia’s main T-1 tourist road and railway line about 285km from Lusaka and 188km from Livingstone. It is home to Choma museum and craft center exclusively dedicated to the cultural heritage of the Tonga people of the southern province of Zambia. We will reach our destination at Choma that will accommodate us for lodging and a good dinner.

Day 4: Travel South from Kalomo to Choma

Enjoy your morning at ease enjoying your breakfast. Before noon we will start our guided tour of historic and cultural highlights of Choma. Our visit will cover the Choma museum and art gallery. Further undertake an outdoor tour of the Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula statue, a political freedom fighter for Zambia’s independence. Lunch will be served in the Museum Cafetaria that serves a variety of dishes from western to eastern staples with a specialty of local Zambian cuisine that is worth trying to immerse yourself in the Zambian culture. Later on, we will walk across to Choma town for an orientation tour. You will be offered free time to roam around and discover coffee houses and local pubs, also internet cafes in case you wish to chat and communicate with your friends and family overseas. Visit a local Internet Café within the Choma town and surf the internet to communicate with friends and relatives back home. This break will also give you an opportunity to buy your traditional gift to His Royal Highness Chief Mukobela and Chief Muchiiya in rural Namwala and Itezhi Tezhi respectively for your upcoming visit the next day. Later on, we will gather to attend a presentation on Zambia’s history and culture. The oral presentation will be given to our group by the southern province provincial arts and cultural officer. A well respected local academician from a local University in Choma. Question and Answer session will close our Choma for the day before retreating to our lodge for a good dinner and a comfortable night.

Day 5: Overland from Choma to Namwala

A sumptuous breakfast will be served at our lodge before starting our travel day toward Namwala. We will be traveling West of Zambia today to this remote rural exploring some of Zamia breathtaking landscapes. Upon our arrival in Namwala, we will check to our suitable Lodge where a delicious lunch will be served for our small group. After lunch, we will get ready for our visit to Baangwe Palace about 3 miles outside Namwala to meet His Royal Highness Chief Mukobela. You will be escorted by the local Chiefs and Traditional Affairs government officials if His Royal Highness Chief Mukobela is available. If not, his Prime Minister or any of his senior representatives will do the job. The protocol will be as follow a. You will be welcomed at His Royal Highness Chief Mukobela’s Palace in a true African style of drum beating and mock war warrior dance by Chief Mukobela’s Impis (traditional soldiers). b. You will carry your gifts in your hands as you will be lead into the Palace yard by the local Chiefs and Traditional Affairs government officials. Get your Cameras ready as you can take as many photos as you can during the entire procession. c. Upon being allowed into the Palace and settled down. You will immediately present your gifts to the Chief through his prime minister as traditional protocol calls for. d. This will open up the Chief to offer words of welcome to you. He will give you a history of his people and possibly invite you for a conducted tour around his Palace and surrounding villages close by. e. A Group public photo session will be done within the Palace yard for you, the Chief and his Indunas (traditional officials). f. You will take your dinner at the Palace with His Royal Highness Chief Mukobela where you will be served traditional food. g. After dinner, one of our group will volunteer to thank his highness for his hospitality on behalf of our group to close the ceremony. We will all retreat to our lodge in Namwala for a comfortable overnight.

Day 6: Travel to Itezhi Tezhi central province

After breakfast, we will ride our overland truck traveling the flat savanna from Namwala to Baanga village in the Kafue Plains which will be covered within 20 minutes. Once reaching the Kafue River we will take a pontoon ferry to cross to Baanga village into Itezhi Tezhi district. We will report our arrival to Chief Muchiiya presenting our ritualistic gift. We will be transferred to your respective home villages as directed by the Chief. Here, you will spend the whole day with your host family in the village. You will do a hands-on participatory village tour in as many facets of village chores and activities. In the afternoon you can choose to overnight at your host dwelling. For those of our traveling group who chose not, will ride our truck to the nearby Itezhi Tezhi village for an overnight at our lodge in Itezhi Tezhi town. Notes: You will enjoy an affordable stay in a clean and comfortable lodging at CMS Lodge in Itezhi Tezhi uphill suburb located outside Kafue National Park. It has all the modern amenities ranging from hot water and swimming pool. Dinner and accommodation will be in our lodge.

Day 7: Kafue National Park

Enjoy the upcoming two days exploring the Kafue National Park and Safari at best. This vast park is considered to be one of the best and well kept National Parks in Africa. No Zambia wildlife safari would be complete without a visit to Kafue National Park. The park is good for spotting a variety of wild animals especially Lions. Today, after breakfast, we will take off to explore wildlife viewing at the Ngoma area south of the Park. Start your safari by a drive to the Elephant Orphanage (wildlife conservation Project) within the KNP-southern area. You will see the marvelous work being done by volunteers in looking after vulnerable elephants. Any donation from you either in-kind or cash is welcome to support the marvelous work being done in elephant protection and later releasing them into their natural habitat in the wilderness. Please note that any donation is optional and not compulsory. We will be at the cafeteria of the elephant Center then drive to the Ngoma Game Management area for an afternoon replete of wildlife viewing of all sorts of land beasts and flying birds. We will end our day Safari by a visit to Iyanda Hot Springs and Iyanda village. Dinner and accommodation will take place at your lodge in Itezhi Tezhi uphill suburb located outside Kafue National Park.

Day 8: Travel to Lusaka

After breakfast, we will hit the road to Lusaka, the capital of Zambia in every aspect of a cosmopolitan city. Lusaka is one of Africa’s most delightful cities. Named after the village chief Lusaka, the city is the heartbeat of Zambia culturally and traditionally. Lusaka today is a metropolitan area that offers traditional and hearty Zambian welcome to all visitors. The area was then expanded to provide a settlement for workers working on the railway during the British colonial times. Today, Lusaka is a hustling bustling city attracting many tourists, expatriates, students and the ambitious Zambians with tempting opportunities and prosperity. We will reach the city at lunchtime, check-in to our hotel then devote the full afternoon to Lusaka city tour. Visit one or two of the prominent shopping malls in Lusaka. Dinner and accommodation will be at the hotel.

Day 9: Lusaka city guided tour

We will visit today most of the historic attractions and notable landmarks Lusaka has to offer. On an area of 140 miles, Lusaka sits as the largest city in Zambia hosting almost half of the Zambian population. Our tour will feature the following places, namely The National Museum of Lusaka will be the highlight of your Lusaka tour where you will see exhibits like sculptures, paintings from all ages, cultural highlights and archaeological displays. This specific cultural heritage museum tells the background about Zambia using four main divisions; ethnography, witchcraft, history, and contemporary art. We will also visit • Chilenje House 394, Lusaka occupied by Dr. K. D. Kaunda 1960-2. Former House of Rt Hon Prime Minister Robert Gabriel Mugabe of Zimbabwe at Chalimbana Teacher Training College, Lusaka. (2) Other Historic monuments • Football Heroes Burial Site, Independence Stadium, Lusaka, where 30 victims of the 1993 Gabon Air Disaster are buried including the 18 members of the Zambia national football National Team. Break for lunch then continue our quest to explore other highlights of the city. You will have free time in the afternoon to discover the city of Lusaka your way and do some last-minute shopping. Dinner and accommodation will be in the hotel.

Day 10: Lusaka - Home

After breakfast, we will take you to Lusaka International Airport (Kenneth Kaunda) to board your return flight back home or to your next destination. Endo of our services. We hope that you had a wonderful Safari and tour exploring the best of Zamia with Sarah Discoveries.

What is included:

  • Breakfast, and dinner daily
  • Transportation in 4X4 vehicles
  • Services of local guides
  • Hotel taxes and service charges

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