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Remember, you can dream of a great customized Tour to Morocco. It's not an easy endeavor, but you can make it happen. First of all, entrust your personalized trip vacation to a DMC Tour Operator who truly specializes in Morocco Tailor-made tours and small group packages. We can be your ticket to a world of marvels. We also supply Africa overland tours from Tangier to South Africa. We are a boutique Travel agency to design the perfect luxury Tours to Morocco fit especially for you to realize your dream.


On most knowledgeable travel specialists for the best Africa tours and expedtions.


to explore destinations with a small group or private overland tours tailored just for you.


Cultural encounters and active discoveries customized throughout Africa tours and treks.

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Yes, we feed on your passion to explore the best of customized Africa natural and cultural tours. It is what drives us to work diligently with each traveler particularities. Enjoy our travel and tours, whether you like to hike the Atlas Mountains, trek the Sahara desert, walk the Medina of Fez or explore the colorful souks of Marrakech. We are the right people to arrange a memorable trip experience for you. Sample from our pre-packaged tours or call on our experts for unique customized tours to Morocco. Check also our Africa overland tours to many destinations from Morocco to South Africa. All our small groups or private tours and expeditions are tailored for the active traveler to discover the best of Africa

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Multiple choices of Africa tours and overland trips with best offers for all budgets traveling with small groups or private expeditions.

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You deal with most qualified and reliable travel experts to Morocco and trans-Africa for sustainable tours and expeditions.

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You are hosted by native Moroccans for the best best Morocco customized tours and treks. Indepth Morocco cultural, natural and spiritual encounters.

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We assure you great discoveries with a peace of mind to experience sustainable and goodwill tours to Africa. Travel with experts on overland tours and treks to Africa.


If you are from the United States of America or Canada, from Great Britain or Australia looking for to travel in Morocco then you do not need a visa. Few countrires require visa for our Africa overland tours. Goodwill and Adventure Tours from Morocco to South Africa are available. However, if you are from South Africa then you need a Visa. All citizens of European Union do not need a visa for Morocco and many destinations in Africa. You are welcome to stay up to three months before your entry expires.
Morocco is one of the most developed country in communication and internet connection in Africa. Wifi is free in all public spaces, coffee shops, and Teahouses, all hotels have free Wifi at least in the lobby. If you are touring In Remote areas like the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert the connection is a bit scarce, however, you can buy time by the hour from diverse providers like Meditel or Maroc Telecom in a USB device that you can plug to your Computer and be connected wherever you wish to share your travel experience. Our Africa overland expedition trucks have free WiFi for our trans Africa group tours and expeditions.
You have universal coverage here if you have roaming activated with your carrier back home. But there is another option while traveling in Morocco, that is to buy a chip that you can use on your phone for the time you need to use your cell. You also have the option to rent a phone upon your arrival at the airport and drop it before you end your Morocco trip.
Anything you feel comfortable in. It is an open society to other cultures, close in proximity to European culture. You may see a veiled lady walking with her friend or relative who looks like she just stepped out from a fashion show. Most of our visitors prefer casual wear and that is good even when you go out fancy. Our Africa overland tours are care free dress code. Comfortable is the key to your trip, baggy and lose wear cotton is what suits the weather here. Safari clothes are best for your trip to Morocco or any expedition trans-Africa overland. But a good visitor is that who takes in consideration to customs, culture, traditions of local people. Dress as you please but be respuctful of the culture. Sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses are what we recommend. The same applies to all our overland tours and expeditions to Africa.
Water is safe to drink but give yourself at least three days to four days to acclimate. Filtered water and bottled water are available throughout Morocco. We also offer bottled water in our Africa Tours. When taking an active tour, keep yourself hydrated especially while hiking and trekking activities in the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert. Most of cultural group tour companies provide drinking water in the bus. Drinkable water or purified water is supplied all throughout our overland tours and expeditions to Africa from Morocco.
They are much like all the Mediterranean countries. Some are state of the art flashing toilets, especially in hotels and restaurants, even in highways Gas stations. Others are the old fashion squat toilets. So you are to encounter both especially on our cross Africa overland tours. However, carry your own hygienic paper and sanitizer soap while touring Morocco. It is not provided for in some public facilities.
Major Credit Cards are accepted here especially in hotels, restaurants and modern or big stores. In traditional market, stalls and street vendors, cash is what you should use. ATMs are all over the place whenever you wish to cash some money. It is the best way also to convert your foreign currency to Moroccan Dirhams. So you can use your cash cards everywhere.
Before booking group or customized tours to Morocco or any other Africa overland expedition, we recommend you to purchase your travel insurance from your local travel agent. With health care cost fluctuation one has to make sure to have his/her own insurance. It is absolutely an essential and necessary part of every travel journey. Morocco Private and public health care are well developed but coverage is safer in case of evacuation.
Ramadan is the fasting month for all Muslims around the world so it is a religious collective celebration. Ramadan in Morocco is quite an interesting experience as the life schedule and rhythm change to accommodate implementing this spiritual duty. Fasting in Islam is a total purification of body and soul. It is to stop eating, drinking, smoking, indulging in any pleasurable physical and mental activity. Travelers are not required to fast but with a little respect, they are advised not to smoke or eat in the street. Restaurants and other accommodations are all available for tourists. The fasting goes from dawn to sunset. Mornings are quite somehow, afternoons are busy and active, nights are reserved for outdoors and festivities. You can turn travel in Ramadan to a unique and rewarding spiritual and cultural Morocco experience impossible to acquire at any other time. This will apply to all our overland tours to Africa Muslim countries.
Walking through traditional Markets we call Bazaar, or Souks in Morocco, is one part of discovering the cultural and artistic aspect of the country. Our tour company has taken serious steps after years of studies that some of our customers insist on shopping other feel like been driven to a tourist trap. We have decided to make souks walk at the end of our walking tours and absolutely after all activities of visiting historic and cultural sites (same for all our overland tours and expeditions to Africa). This will give you a choice whether to partake in shopping experience or simply tell your tour leader that you prefer to have some free time on your own. He will then help you by facilitating a feasible alternative that will be satisfactory to you during this time of your walking tour. Sarah Tours have identified some stores that are open as tourist traps and ordered our tour leaders never to allow any local guide to take our travelers to these places. There are in contrary coops of women and traditional guilds that sustain minorities and NGOs that work for the benefit of all in a thorough goodwill manner; not just to enrich some fat cats. On top, Sarah Tours devote a percentage of its profit to Responsible Travel Projects, to clean environment "Zero Plastic Bags", "Clean Water for All" and "Don't Touch my Child" Goodwill associations. Avoid tour companies in Morocco who would tell you they collect commissions from these tourist traps businesses to help and expeditionsclean up the environment or so, if they have anything to clean is their actions and sell you as a commodity in these Bazaars! It is our policy not to interfere with shopping in all our Africa overland tours. Buy freely your souvenirs from artisans and workshops so the little one can be sustained.

Sarah Tours Team

  • Dear loyal Travelers,

    This is an opportunity to say first thank you for your continued support to help us promote the goodwill of cultural and adventure tours to Africa destinations of Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, Egypt, Senegal, Ghana, Keny, Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia; Spain and South Africa among others . Second is to let you know that despite the world changes Africa took serious steps to keep up with the fast pace technologically but remains faithful to its pristine nature. Sarah Tours celebrate its 1994 inaugural Morocco tour with John Hopkins University, a study trip for which I was the tour leader.

    If travel is a return to the essential then Morocco Discoveries and Africa adventure tours are founded on these principals. For us Travel is not just getting away from the hectic life, it is, in fact, a self-growth, change our view on the world we share, discover cultures that give us new perspectives and broaden our horizons. Travel can teach us a lot about ourselves and how we live our lives as naturalists and goodwill sustainers. How beautiful our planet is, how diverse we are with a lot to share. Our Overland Africa Expeditions and tours are at your finger tip for 2021 and 2022. Join our goodwill programs to sustain a human approach to Travel in our modern time. 2020 COVID 19 was a wake up call to all of us on earth to return to what matters, to sustain life and to sustain eachother. We are the world.

    Ecotourism, goodwill and cross cultural travel is what Sarah Discoveries, Inc strives to provide.

    For last 27 seven years we set at the window of wisdom watching the world at its perpetual changes, but we remained faithful to our philosophy to provide sustainable green travel with rewarding trips to Africa for our travelers. We strongly believe that your next voyage with us could be a defining moment in your journey through life.

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share this experience with you. Thank you for sustaining our environmental and goodwill Africa tours and the joy you bring to us and the whole continent.

    Hamid MERNISSI, Premium travel specialist, Anthropologist, Ethnomusicologist and champion of cross-cultural services and activities. We proudly welcome you to Morocco dream vacations: a world of marvels. We look forward to creating wonderful memories with you during your trip to any destination in Africa. Check also our overland group tours and Safari to Africa.

    Dr. Hamid Mernissi - President

  • Office Manager, I have done it all, I have seen it all in the field of managing overland trips to Morocco and Africa. I have conducted thousands of diversified tours around the world and particularly tours to Morocco, spiritual journeys, leisure vacations, hiking tours in the Atlas Mountains, Kilimanjaro and else in Africa. I have escorted overland trans-Sahara special interest expeditions for last 32 years. especially in Morocco, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Mauritania, Ghana and Spain travel I learned so much in the field of adventure traveling and from my own customers. I listen carefully to their inquiries, think deep how to act in order to make the suggestions for them. I am proud of my contribution to Sarah Tours success supplying best tours to Morocco and Spain. When necessary, I guide and escort my own tours to Morocco and else in Africa, especially Goodwill Tours and expeditions in Sub-Saharan destinations.

    Idriss Eddahbi - Office Manager

  • I love what I do, I love to solve problems and make things in order. Working in the field of specialty tours and travel to Morocco adds to my management skills another asset that is knowing in depth the Moroccan culture and the diversity of landscapes and cultures in Africa. My real contribution to Morocco Discoveries as a female that I have created special group tours for Women only hiking and trekking the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara in totally exclusive women tour packages escorted and serviced totally by female guides and tour managers. Most of these just for women tours are escorted by Nina herself, so I can make sure my female guests get first-hand women to women services to explore the culture and beauty of Morocco in-depth from a female perspective. So actually, women tours to Morocco are exclusively my department.

    Though my masters degree from John Molson School of Business in Concordia, I still learn on everyday basis about the travel industry especially eco tours and responsible travel to Morocco and many other destinations in Africa. I'm proud of what I do and give my best to it to make your journey exploring the best of Africa a smooth one. Welcome to Sarah Discoveries from Tangier to Capetown, best overland tours and Safari Africa has to offer.

    Nina - Active Travel Specialist