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Dreaming of the best-customized tour in Morocco? Transform that dream into reality with our expert assistance. Entrust your personalized vacation to a dedicated DMC Tour Operator specializing in tailor-made tours and small group packages in Morocco. We are your gateway to a world of wonders, offering exclusive luxury tours designed just for you. Explore our Africa overland tours, spanning from Tangier to South Africa. As a boutique travel agency, we specialize in crafting the perfect, bespoke tours to Morocco, ensuring your dream journey comes to life.


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Embrace the unparalleled allure of the best-customized African natural and cultural tours with us. Your passion for exploration fuels our dedication to tailoring each journey to your unique preferences. Immerse yourself in our transformative travel experiences, whether you crave a hike in the Atlas Mountains, a trek across the Sahara Desert, a stroll through the historic Medina of Fez, or an exploration of the vibrant souks of Marrakech. We are your trusted partners in curating unforgettable trip experiences.

Choose from our thoughtfully crafted pre-packaged tours, or engage with our experts to create a truly bespoke adventure in Morocco. Explore beyond borders with our Africa overland tours, spanning from Morocco to the captivating landscapes of South Africa. Whether you prefer the camaraderie of small groups or the exclusivity of a private tour, our expeditions are meticulously tailored for the active traveler seeking to discover the very best of Africa.

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Discover an array of Africa tours and overland expeditions tailored for all budgets. Whether in small groups or private journeys, explore the continent's rich landscapes and cultures with enticing options designed to suit every traveler's preference.

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Engage with Morocco's most qualified travel experts and trans-Africa specialists for sustainable tours and expeditions. Trust in our reliability as we craft memorable journeys, ensuring a seamless and enriching travel experience.

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Experience the pinnacle of customized Morocco tours and treks hosted by native Moroccans. Immerse yourself in profound cultural, natural, and spiritual encounters, ensuring an authentic and enriching journey tailored to your preferences.

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Embark on unforgettable journeys with the assurance of sustainable and goodwill tours across Africa, ensuring peace of mind. Travel alongside seasoned experts on overland tours and treks, unlocking the continent's wonders responsibly and seamlessly.


If you're a traveler from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, or Australia planning a Morocco tour, rest assured—no visa is required. Our Africa overland tours, including goodwill and Adventure Tours from Morocco to South Africa, are accessible to most countries. However, South African citizens need a Visa. Citizens of the European Union enjoy visa-free entry to Morocco and many African destinations, with a welcome stay of up to three months before expiration. Explore hassle-free travel arrangements for your Morocco adventure.
Morocco stands out as one of Africa's most well-connected countries, boasting extensive Wi-Fi coverage in public spaces, coffee shops, and teahouses. While hotels provide free Wi-Fi, remote areas like the Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert may experience limited connectivity. To overcome this, you can purchase hourly internet access through providers such as Meditel or Maroc Telecom, using a USB device to stay connected and share your travel experiences. Moreover, our Africa overland expedition trucks are equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity during trans-Africa group tours and expeditions. Stay connected and share your Morocco adventure effortlessly.
Ensure universal coverage by activating roaming with your home carrier while in Morocco. Alternatively, opt for the convenience of purchasing a local SIM card to use in your phone during your stay. Another hassle-free choice is renting a phone upon arrival at the airport and returning it before concluding your Morocco trip.
For seamless connectivity during your Morocco tours, activate roaming with your home carrier to enjoy universal coverage. Another option is acquiring a local SIM card for your phone, providing flexibility during your stay. Alternatively, streamline communication by renting a phone at the airport for the duration of your Morocco trip, ensuring convenience and connectivity throughout your travels.
In Morocco, the tap water is safe to drink, but allow three to four days for acclimatization. Stay hydrated during active Morocco tours, including hikes in the Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert. Filtered and bottled water is readily available, and our Africa Tours ensure a constant supply. During cultural group tours, water is typically provided on buses, and our overland tours and expeditions from Morocco guarantee a steady provision of drinkable or purified water. Stay refreshed and enjoy your journey with reliable water sources.
In Morocco, restroom facilities vary, resembling those in Mediterranean countries. State-of-the-art flushing toilets are common, notably in hotels, restaurants, and even on highways and gas stations. However, old-fashioned squat toilets are also encountered, particularly on our cross-Africa overland tours. While touring Morocco, it's advisable to carry your own hygienic paper and sanitizer soap, as they may not be provided in some public facilities. Stay prepared for diverse restroom experiences during your Morocco tours.
During Morocco tours, major credit cards find acceptance in hotels, restaurants, and modern establishments. For traditional markets, stalls, and street vendors, cash is preferable. ATMs are conveniently scattered for easy currency conversion to Moroccan Dirhams. Ensure seamless transactions by using your cash cards across the diverse landscapes of Morocco.
Prior to booking group or customized tours to Morocco or any African overland expedition, we advise securing travel insurance through your local travel agent. Given fluctuating healthcare costs, insurance is indispensable, ensuring a crucial element of every travel journey. While Morocco boasts well-developed private and public healthcare, additional coverage is recommended for evacuation scenarios. Ensure a worry-free travel experience by prioritizing travel insurance for Morocco tours and African overland expeditions.
Ramadan, a global fasting month for Muslims, transforms Morocco into a uniquely vibrant cultural experience. The daily rhythm adjusts to accommodate spiritual duties, with fasting involving abstaining from various activities. While travelers aren't obligated to fast, it's advised to show respect by refraining from smoking or eating in public. Restaurants and accommodations cater to tourists throughout this period, creating a distinctive Morocco experience. With mornings serene, afternoons bustling, and nights dedicated to festivities, traveling during Ramadan offers a rewarding blend of spirituality and culture. Immerse yourself in this unique experience with our overland tours to African Muslim countries, providing an unparalleled insight into the rich traditions of Morocco.
Exploring the vibrant traditional markets, or Souks, in Morocco is an integral aspect of immersing in the country's culture. To enhance your experience, our Morocco tours strategically include Souk walks at the tour's conclusion, allowing you to choose between shopping and personal time. Our dedication to responsible travel extends to avoiding tourist traps and supporting local cooperatives, women's guilds, and NGOs. Unlike other tour companies, we don't profit from these businesses but contribute a percentage to environmental and goodwill projects. When touring Morocco with us, shop freely from artisans and workshops, sustaining local communities. Avoid companies that exploit tourists in Bazaars; we prioritize your genuine experience in all our Africa overland tours.

Sarah Tours Team

  • Dear loyal Travelers,

    Firstly, we express gratitude for your ongoing support in promoting cultural and adventure tours to diverse African destinations, including Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, Egypt, Senegal, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia, Spain, and South Africa. Africa, while adapting to technological advancements, remains committed to preserving its pristine nature. Lastly, Sarah Tours commemorates its 1994 inaugural Morocco tour with John Hopkins University, marking a significant study trip where I served as the tour leader.

    Morocco Discoveries and Africa Adventure Tours are grounded in the belief that travel is a return to the essential. Beyond escaping hectic routines, it's a journey of self-growth, offering fresh perspectives, cultural exploration, and widened horizons. Our small group Overland Africa Expeditions provide firsthand experiences at your fingertips. Join our goodwill programs, promoting a human approach to modern travel. The wake-up call of 2020's COVID-19 emphasizes returning to what truly matters—sustaining life and supporting one another. In this vast world, we are interconnected and united.

    Sarah Discoveries, Inc. is dedicated to offering eco-friendly travel experiences, promoting goodwill, and fostering cross-cultural exploration.

    Over the past 32 years, we've observed the world's constant evolution from the vantage point of wisdom. Yet, our commitment to offering sustainable green travel and enriching trips to Africa has remained unwavering. Join us on your next voyage – a potential defining moment in your life's journey.

    Expressing gratitude for letting us share this experience with you. Thank you for contributing to environmental sustainability and goodwill during our Morocco tours and Africa adventures, bringing joy to us and the entire continent.

    Welcome to the world of wonders with Hamid MERNISSI, your premium travel specialist, anthropologist, ethnomusicologist, and advocate for cross-cultural services and activities. Join us for a dream vacation in Morocco, where beautiful memories await. Explore our overland group tours and Safaris to various African destinations.

    Dr. Hamid Mernissi - President

  • With a wealth of experience as an Office Manager, my journey in the realm of overland trips spans over 32 years, marked by the successful management of diverse expeditions to Morocco and various African destinations. I've had the privilege of orchestrating a myriad of tours, including spiritual journeys, leisure vacations, and exhilarating hiking adventures in the Atlas Mountains, Kilimanjaro, and other African regions.

    Having led thousands of tours globally, my expertise extends to crafting unique interest expeditions in countries such as Morocco, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Mauritania, Ghana, and Spain. These experiences have allowed me to actively listen to our customers, enabling me to provide thoughtful and tailored suggestions that enhance their travel experiences.

    My dedication to Sarah Tours' success is evident in my role as a contributing force, ensuring the delivery of top-notch tours to Morocco and Spain. I take pride in personally guiding and escorting tours to Morocco and various Sub-Saharan African destinations, emphasizing the essence of Goodwill Tours and expeditions. As an office manager with three decades of experience, I've overseen the intricacies of diverse overseas trips, specializing in the orchestration of unique and memorable expeditions that leave an indelible mark on our clients' travel experiences.

    Idriss Eddahbi - Office Manager

  • Passionate about solving problems and creating order, my work in specialty tours and travel to Morocco enhances my management skills. My unique contribution to Morocco Discoveries involves designing exclusive women-only group tours, specifically for hiking and trekking in the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara. These bespoke women's tour packages, escorted and serviced by female guides and managers, allow for an immersive exploration of Moroccan culture and beauty from a female perspective. Many of these tours are personally led by Nina, ensuring firsthand women-to-women services. Women's tours to Morocco are my exclusive domain, reflecting my commitment to providing exceptional experiences for female travelers.

    Despite my master's degree from John Molson School of Business, I continually learn about the travel industry, focusing on eco-tours and responsible travel to Morocco and diverse African destinations. I take pride in my work, aiming to ensure your exploration of the best of Africa is seamless. Welcome to Sarah Discoveries, providing the finest overland tours and Safari experiences from Tangier to Cape Town.

    Nina Merissi- Active Travel Specialist

  • Meet Miloud Frieykh, the driving force behind our success at Morocco Discoveries. With 15 years as chief driver and vehicle parks manager, Miloud has steered our journeys with unwavering expertise. His commitment ensures every adventure is not just a ride but a seamless fusion of comfort and discovery. Trust in Miloud's experience for an unparalleled exploration of Morocco's wonders.

    Welcome to the enchanting realm of Morocco, where the vibrant tapestry of cultural heritage and the thrill of adventure converge to create an unforgettable experience. Our cultural and adventure tour drivers are not merely guides; they are storytellers, navigators, and custodians of Morocco's unparalleled beauty. As you embark on this journey with us, you'll find yourself in the capable hands of professionals passionate about ensuring that every moment of your exploration is steeped in comfort, cultural richness, and the spirit of adventure.

    Our drivers are more than just masters of the road; they are cultural ambassadors, well-versed in the diverse tapestry of Morocco's history, traditions, and landscapes. They bring the ancient medinas to life with their narratives, weaving tales that transcend time and immerse you in the heart and soul of each destination. Their knowledge is not confined to guidebooks; it's a living, breathing understanding of the intricacies that make Morocco uniquely captivating.

    In addition to their cultural expertise, our drivers are seasoned adventurers ready to lead you through the untamed beauty of Morocco's diverse terrain. From the majestic Atlas Mountains to the golden sands of the Sahara Desert, they navigate precisely, ensuring that your overland journey is as exhilarating as safe. Our vehicles are more than just a means of transport; they are well-maintained, comfortable havens that cradle you as you traverse the remarkable landscapes of this North African gem called Morocco.

    At the heart of our approach is a commitment to personalized care for each client. We understand that every traveler is unique, and our drivers go above and beyond to cater to individual preferences, ensuring that your journey is tailor-made to exceed expectations. From the bustling markets of Marrakech to the tranquil oases of the desert, our drivers are attuned to your needs, creating an experience that seamlessly blends cultural immersion and thrilling adventure.

    Embark on a cultural and adventure tour with us, where the care we extend to our clients and the reliability of our overland vehicles converge to redefine the essence of exploration in Morocco. This is more than a journey; it's an odyssey crafted with expertise, passion, and a deep appreciation for Morocco's magic.

    Miloud Frieykh- Chief Driver and Vehicle Parks Manager