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Our remarkable accomplishments in the travel industry showcase Morocco's best—its rich culture, stunning landscapes, spiritual depth, and unique arts and crafts. Through our in-depth customized tours and expeditions across the Kingdom of Morocco, we've garnered success, innovation, and integrity. In recognition of these achievements, His Majesty Mohamed VI, King of Morocco, honored Sir Hamid Mernissi (founder of Sarah Tours) by conferring upon him the title of Chevalier of Al Mukafaa Al Watania (The Merit of the Nation Knight). This prestigious recognition establishes him as the first Knighted Tour Operator in Morocco's history.

Hamid Mernissi

Dear Traveler,

Embark on your next journey to captivate your imagination and touch your soul. Consider the enchanting destinations of Morocco, Spain, and other exotic African locales—increasingly popular for savvy voyagers. Our Tours to Morocco catalog offers a range of trips, catering to small groups or private customized experiences. As natives of Morocco with extensive exploration and work across exotic African destinations, we bring unparalleled expertise to the sector of group and bespoke customized tours. Fueled by our deep knowledge and love for Morocco, we craft exceptional group or private tours, each designed to instill in you, the traveler, a profound appreciation for this magnificent country. From the rugged allure of the Atlas Mountains to the timeless serenity of Fes and the exotic charm of Marrakech, our tours promise diverse travel experiences. We meticulously tailor each tour itinerary, ensuring your needs are met during your trip to Morocco and other tours from Spain to Africa, including the option to customize any aspect, select specific accommodations for bespoke private tours, and more.

The meticulous planning of each Morocco tour takes place in our Fez office. Upon your arrival, experience firsthand Moroccan hospitality with our professional drivers and guides at the airport. Our dedicated Sarah Tours team in Morocco takes immense pride in showcasing their country to you. Each guide shares a wealth of knowledge and love for Morocco, fostering a connection with you during your stay!

With a commitment to sustainable tourism since 1994, our tours aim to support local development while preserving natural and traditional ways of living. Introducing GOODWILL TOURS, we invite travelers to journey with purpose—sharing, helping, sustaining, and protecting the environment. Embrace the concept of being a world citizen, making a positive impact with every travel experience. Explore our sustainable and environmental tours designed for meaningful travel.

As a travel company based in the States and the UK, Sarah Tours specializes in short and long-term adventure travel for both men and women. We prioritize travel safety, wellness, sustainability, local crafts, cultural experiences, and off-the-beaten tourist track destinations. Discover unique places to stay—a crucial aspect for our readers. Let's discuss how we can collaborate, as we have much to offer savvy travelers. We'd be an ideal fit to customize the best tour for you. I'd gladly share our media kits, a detailed pitch, and samples of our past special tours. Welcome to our New World discoveries-a world of shared goodies and impactful travel experiences with our small groups set departure or our indpendent customized tours.

We proudly welcome you on our overland tours to Morocco, Spain, Senegal, Mauritania, Egypt, Tunisia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa: a world of marvels with diverse tours to Africa. Our Africa overland group tours cover expeditions and safari from Tangiers in Morocco to Capetown in South Africa. We look forward to creating beautiful memories with you. Check our Adventure tours overland activities scheduled for 2024 and 2025.

With warm regards,
Sir Hamid Mernissi
Sarah Tours, Inc.