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Situated in the center of Tunisia's most fertile land Located in the center of Tunisia in a plain between the Mediterranean shores and the Mountains. Kairouan is the most ancient Arabo-Muslim base of North Africa (670 AD) and one of its principal visited cities for mass tourists seeking a Tunisia cultural tour. Tunisia thrives on new tourist markets from Europe and beyond as you can find all travel activities in Tunisia. Cultural sights of Carthage, Kairouan (AL Qayrawan) El Jem, and Tunis.

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The capital of Ifriqiya for five centuries, it was a place of outstanding learning center of diffusion of Arabo-Muslim civilization. Kairouan bears unique witness to the first centuries of this Islamic settlement in Tunisia with a thriving civilization, a new style of architectural and urban development. The inscribed site of Al Qayrawan is a serial property that includes the medina (Old City) and its neighborhoods, the water reservation Basins of the Aghlabids Dynasty and the Gates and markets, schools and Sufi Zawiyas. The medina (54 ha) and its suburbs (20 ha) are an urban ensemble presenting all the components of a North African Arab-Turkish town. Taking a guided tour at Kairouan is like stepping in an ancient sophisticated world of arts and crafts with a zest for life.

The medina comprises juxtaposed dwellings divided into quarters separated by medieval blind alleys, narrow and winding streets; as most of the North African Capitals, a fortifying wall will serve to protect the city from intruders. Kairouan ramparts extend over more than three kilometers. The medina contains some remarkable monuments including the Great Mosque, an architectural masterpiece that served as a model for several other Maghreban spiritual and cultural centers. The Mosque of the Three Doors that represent the most ancient existent sculpted facade of Muslim art. The Basins of the Aghlabids, an open-air reservoir formed by two communicating cisterns that date back to the 9th century, constitute one of the most beautiful hydraulic ensembles conceived to provide water to the town. Join our group tour or contact us for a Tunisia customized tour just for you. Our cultural and historical Tunisia tours will live up to your expectations with even more rewarding travel discoveries and incentives.


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