Morocco Sufi Encounters

The heart of Islam is known by Muslim Scholars and spiritual devotees as Tassawuf or in western terms Sufism. Sufism is the venue of education and spiritual teaching, considered to be the hidden knowledge of subjective Islam. It was first defused informally by stoics and devoted Muslim to the immaterial world before it was progressively structured around the 11th century. This doctrine of struggle with one own ego is the essence of the practical universal message of Islam. Historically, the transmission of this teaching is practiced, from the 13th century down through spiritual centers that earned by merit to preserve the norms of the culture, sociability, and spirituality proper to Islam in an era of dislocation of the Muslim world, particularly under the impact of Mongol invasions. These centers, in fact, have known how to preserve a message of a universal spirituality that has nourished the Muslim culture and not only enhanced its artistic and literary expressions but also its social and economic advancements. For centuries Sufism has inspired simultaneously the organization and the ethical and spiritual charters of guilds of crafts throughout the Muslim world.


Visiting a Sufi home in Morocco

Sufi dinner in a Moroccan house

We are happy to welcome you to this Sufi destination of Morocco and share with you a journey where Sufi culture is what dominates the daily life of its people. Morocco is endowed in natural beauty, the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert give travelers a one-of-a-kind spiritual experience as they discover the country’s wide array of sacred traditions and cultural encounters, whether for Sufi trips and retreats or just regular trips. Our hand-picked extraordinary Muslim tours will take you on a spiritual journey to enjoy the historical Islamic centers of learning and encounter Sufi brothers and sisters to share what is most sacred in the faith of Islam in the remembrance of Allah. Visit ancient cities that have marked the history of Morocco from a spiritual standpoint. Additionally, its indigenous populations of Berbers and Moors of Muslim faith offers thought-provoking insight into anciently sacred teaching that could help remarkably the world today. Welcome to this journey of spiritual musings in Morocco. This spiritual journey with a small group, will satisfy your personal growth and budget.


Sufi Tours to Morocco

Moulay Idriss Zerhoune Sufi Sanctuary


In Morocco, for example, guilds and special trades have traditionally allied themselves with Sufi orders. The relationship that has been established between spirituality and social and human development has marked naturally the cultural and historical identity of Morocco. These Sufi Orders of Morocco have known through time international beaming by establishing their zawiyas in different countries. The case of the Zawiya Quadiriya and Zawiya Tijania in this regard is an eloquent illustration. The roles of these Sufi orders of teaching and civic and spiritual education at the same time engagement of human development and mediation for peace, in a profound and creative effect, are what constitute the Moroccan culture. Join one of our spiritual tours and retreats to Morocco with a small group scheduled departures or call on us to personalize a private customized journey just for you. Also, check on our Africa Heritage tours and retreats.


Al Quarawiyyine Library in Fez

Sufi learning center in Morocco