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Visiting Morocco

Morocco Tours 2014-2015

Visit Morocco with Sarah Discoveries.

Our tours in Morocco are designed within four main categories: Cultural, Adventure, Spiritual and Music Tours. We also have special tours that are designed if you are visiting Morocco from Spain, as they begin at the port in Tangier where the ferries from Spain drop travellers. Browse through our tours to get an idea of the type of trip to Morocco you would like to take. Please keep in mind that all of these tours are easily customizable.

Cultural Tours To Morocco

Our cultural tours offer a variety of opportunities to gain in-depth knowledge of the history, architecture, cuisine, and people from Morocco's Imperial Cities to rural villages.

Morocco From Spain Tours

If you are already visiting Spain or plan to do so, extend your journey to Morocco. Morocco and Spain share much of the same history and landscape, while still offering incredibly unique experiences. These tours are designed to begin in Tangier, where the ferries from Southern Spain drop off.

Spiritual Tours To Morocco

Explore the Spiritual depth of Moroccan culture. We offer journeys to discover the rich Jewish heritage in Morocco, as well as the history and current expansion of Sufism within Morocco.

Adventure Tours To Morocco

For those in search of adventure in Morocco, check out our hiking and trekking tours. These tours offer the chance to hike the Atlas Mountains and camp under the stars of the Sahara Desert.

Music amd Festival Tours To Morocco

Our Music Tours offer a unique opportunity to experience the wide range of music in Morocco through lectures, teachings, and your own playing. Or, you can experience a unique celebration or festival in Morocco, such as the Imilchil Betrothal Festival or World Sacred Music Festival.